Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes April 28, 2011

Mike Tennican opened the meeting and called for any special announcements. Pam Maples stated that it was announced yesterday that our former board member, Smokey Rhea, is the Citizen of the Year and offered her congratulations.

Terri Hayden announced that last Thursday was scholarship night at the high school and introduced two of her volunteers that received scholarships. Shauna North will be attending the University of Utah this fall as a pre-med student with a minor in Spanish. Alexis Campbell will be attending nursing school through CWC and become an RN just like her mother, Katina Campbell. Congratulations to these scholarship winners.

Dr. Holly Payne, the Physician Director of the Summer Student Internship Program, gave a brief overview of the program and stated their mission. She asked Shauna North to say a few words as a graduate of the internship program and what the opportunity meant to her. Miss North said the main idea she took from the program was how important good communication is between the departments and between the patients and their physician to ensure the best care possible for patients. This is why as part of her education she will minor in Spanish. Dr. Payne then introduced Les Bishop, Director of the School to Careers Program, who said thank you to everyone involved in this very important and successful program. Dr. Payne announced this year’s interns – Mackenzie Binger, Abbey Armijo and Natalie Thulin.

Dr. Gus Goetz and the Center of Excellence in Orthopaedics team gave an update to the Board on how this program is going. The program was launched on March 8th with a community presentation and they will have a booth at the Health Fair on May 7th. Dr. Goetz, along with members of his team, gave an overview of how they are using checklists to ensure the safety of patients in pre-surgery, during surgery and post-surgery. They also gave a demonstration of a new integration set-up they are looking which has a special feature designed to handle the Time-Out procedure which is a checklist done prior to incision with all members of the operative team participating. While we are above the national average on most core measures, our goal is to strive to be ever better and this program is yet another way we work to ensure that our patients get the best care possible.

Kathy Byron also gave an update to the Board on Quality by Design. The quality concept is to clarify the purpose, define your actions and set goals. The purpose is to strive for excellent patient care and make sure the patient has the best experience possible. The action is to show we care, assure patient safety and make sure we are compliant with all regulations. The goals for the Quality Department are to act as a resource for staff, make sure everyone is survey ready and standardize the SJMC Performance Improvement Process.

The Board approved the creation of a new MRI Committee which will consist of Mike Tennican, Bruce Hayse, MD, Zach Hall and Lou Hochheiser, MD. The committee will work with members of administration to develop steps necessary to carry out the Board’s resolution of April 11th to end its relationship with Teton MRI. The committee will also begin the task of evaluating the pros and cons of various models of MRI imaging equipment.

Mike Tennican stated that both he and John Kren resigned as directors from the Teton MRI Board and new representatives needed to be approved. The Board appointed Jim Johnston and Rick Stuck as directors on the Teton MRI Board until the hospital’s interest in the joint venture ends. The third director representing the hospital is Peter Moyer.

Mike Tennican announced that there will be a special public meeting of the Board of Trustees, Monday, May 2nd at 3:00 pm for the purpose of a strategic planning workshop. Dr. Jacque Sokolov will moderate the workshop and all those interested are encouraged to attend. He also announced that Zach Hall will be joining the Strategic Planning Committee. The Steering Committee will consist of Mike Tennican, Barbara Herz, Lou Hochheiser, MD, Pam Maples, and John Payne, DO.

Joe Albright gave an update from the Finance Committee Meeting this week. A motion was made and approved to allow administration to lock in a lower interest rate for the 1998 Bond Refund financing. This will help reduce the hospital’s debt as we move forward with the financing structure for the expansion project.

Next a motion was made and approved to lock in the exterior footprint of the expansion project so we stay on schedule with construction slated to begin in August. In addition, the Finance Committee asked the Board to approve Peter Moyer and Joe Albright, as members of the Facilities Committee, to approve on behalf of the Board any small changes in the schematic plan designs that may come from the last round of user group meetings on May 11-13. This would allow the project to keep moving forward, rather than having to wait and get approval from the full board for small changes.

John Kren gave an overview of the monthly financial report for March. For the month of March, while we had a net operating loss it was less than budgeted. Net income for the month was positive and favorable to budget. On aYTD basis, our net operating loss exceeded our budget. Our bottom line (net income), is positive and is better than budget. The YTD net operating loss is higher than the budgeted amount due to unpredictably high health insurance costs. The YTD net income variance is greater than budget due to unbudgeted contributions and unbudgeted SPET taxes received.

Lou Hochheiser announced that the school district received a grant to help fund programs for depression issues. It was requested that we host a breakfast for a depression expert who will be coming to talk about the issues we are facing and how they can be addressed. Liz Finegan said the Foundation would assist with hosting this event.

Dr. John Payne noted that he, along with Dr. Marty Trott and Pam Maples, participated in a conference call with Dr. Jacque Sokolov in preparation for the upcoming strategic planning workshop where he expressed his interest in pursuing a medical staff development plan in conjunction with the updated strategic plan. Dr. Payne is confident that Dr. Sokolov would be able to guide us with this if the Board engages him for the general strategic plan.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the Special Board Meeting on Monday, May 2nd at 3:00 pm. The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Thursday, May 26, 2011 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –

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Executive Assistant
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