Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes August 23, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 8-23-12:

Special Announcements:

Terri Hayden gave an overview of the new volunteer Music and Healing Program. She introduced Casey Stout who plays her guitar for patients and explained how music is a very important way to bring comfort and relieve stress for patients and their families. Casey expressed how important this program has been to her and how her experiences with the patients have changed her life. Casey is currently the only volunteer involved in the program and welcomes anyone interested in joining to call Terri Hayden at the volunteer office.

Report from the Chairman:

Mike Tennican reported that last week there was a special joint meeting of the Hospital Board and the Foundation Board of Directors. They discussed the mission and objectives of the organization and ways to collaborate more effectively to reach their goals. A lot of progress has been made over the last year, and continued growth is important to this institution’s long term success. Jim Eden agreed with these remarks and thanked the hospital board for their participation and looks forward to continued progress.


The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on July 25, 2012. Approved minutes are posted at

Board Committee and Medical Staff Reports and Action Items:

Finance Committee – Joe Albright stated that we have had four exceptional months in a row and asked John Kren to review this month’s financials. John stated that we are off to a good start with cash on hand continuing to run on target and patient volumes are continuing to grow. Both acute care admissions and patient days were better than budget. Inpatient surgeries greatly contributed to the overage, in particular orthopedic surgeries. Both visits to the Emergency Department and to Urgent Care are up. All July activity resulted in a total net revenue amount of $7.9 million with total expenses coming in at $6.4 million resulting in a total operating gain of $1.5 million and an overall gain of $2.1 million. Kudos to the St. John’s Medical Center staff for all their hard work in staying within their budgets.

Approval of Credentialing and Policy Items – Dr. John Payne was not able to attend tonight’s meeting so Mike Tennican presented the credentialing recommendations that were approved at the August MEC and JCC meetings and included in the reports to the Board dated August 14th and August 20th. The Board approved all recommended credentialing items. Mr. Tennican also presented the Emergency Department, Consult and Inpatient Call Schedule policy which was also approved by the Board.

Facilities Committee – Jim Johnston announced that as part of our final review from The Joint Commission, St. John’s was 100% compliant in fire protection features, emergency evacuation procedures and several other areas of maintaining a safe environment. By comparison only 57% of hospitals certified by The Joint Commission meet this requirement.

He went on to update the Board on the status of the construction project. Work is moving forward on the footings, rebar and molds for the foundation. The storage sheds have been properly demolished and what could be recycled was recycled. This was done to clear the area for the new Central Energy Plant.

CEO Report to the Board:

Lou Hochheiser opened his report by stating that the Patient Safety Survey results are in and have been reported to the managers in each department. Review of physician contracts is moving forward. We reached our halfway point in meeting the 90-day attestation period for meaningful use. There is a task force reviewing our ambulatory clinical software and looking at alternatives. There is also a review of property holdings and creation of a master plan for housing and land properties. Lou visited the Hitching Post Lodge last week, which is a great asset to have for St. John’s employees, patients and families.

He announced that the Wellness Team is moving forward with Phase 1 of a corporate wellness program for the Teton County School District and is now working with Jackson Whole Grocer on potentially developing a wellness program for them.

Our website has made great strides in terms of increasing our traffic. Total visitors to our website have increased almost 50% since last year. Strong growth has also continued as we've added new content such as online bill payment and an enhanced practioner directory, and we have worked together to integrate our print advertising and press releases into the website.

Lou was recently asked at a community outreach event about the Ombudsman position that was posted a few years ago, and he asked the Board if they would be interested in revisiting this. The Board gave Lou approval to explore this idea further and report back if he felt it was something to move forward on.

He also discussed meeting with Terri Gregory from Public Health and Steve Foster with the County on upcoming changes to Public Health and how the hospital could get more engaged in the process. We will be looking to see about having someone from our staff get involved on their board.

Education Presentation:

Joan Palmer, Director of Obstetrics, shared some very exciting statistics about our OB Department. The national average for exclusive breast feeding moms is 77%, and at St. John’s it is 90%. The Cesarean Section Rate nationally is at 33%, and at St. John’s it is 26%. Our elective induction rate prior to 39 weeks is 0.2%. We have three nurses who have obtained their national obstetrical certification for a total of five on the unit. Two nurses have obtained their national Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator status. We have a very solid, compassionate and dedicated team in the OB department. This is a wonderful place to have a baby!

Lynn Kirman, CNO, gave an overview of our HCAHPS ratings for patient satisfaction. Overall we have a high patient satisfaction rating. Our ratings on patient communication with nurses are up to almost 90% and we are continually improving our communication about medications and possible side effects.

Foundation Report:

Jim Eden began with saying the Foundation has had a remarkable week. He was very proud to announce that the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association raised over $70,000 towards their pledge of $150,000. These funds are designated for the Oncology Department. Liz Finegan said she was also very excited about the things going on this week. We have a donor who would like to gift an original Conrad Schwiering painting of Mount Moran on permanent loan, which would be an incredible gift to the hospital. She also reminded everyone of some upcoming events such as Old Bill’s Fun Run which is September 8th, the Auxiliary’s Annual Golf Tournament on September 17th and Stroke is No Joke which will be held on October 13th. Please join us for all of these wonderful events.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Thursday, September 27th with public session at 4:00 pm in the boardroom.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant
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