Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes December 19, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 12-19-11:

Special Announcements:

Mike Tennican welcomed Scott Gibson who was appointed to the Board on December 6, 2011. The Board then asked Mr. Gibson to serve as Board Secretary and, as such, he will also be appointed to the Joint Conference Committee. He will also continue to serve on the Finance Committee.


Lynn Campbell gave a review of some of the initiatives related to patient safety that have been implemented over the past year. Some of the initiatives are the WHO surgical checklist/timeout, bar coded medication administration and a focus on hand washing. We monitor hand hygiene using secret shopper techniques, checking soap and hand sanitizer supply levels, monitoring infections that could be related to poor techniques, a caregiver pledge and education. She then showed one of the education video’s used in training staff on the importance of hand hygiene in preventing hospital acquired infections.


The Board approved the minutes from meetings held on November 10, 2011, November 17, 2011 and December 6, 2011. These minutes will be available at

New Business:

John Kren presented the first item which was a proposal from the Finance Committee to approve a merit based increase for hospital staff. The hospital is currently meeting their operational budget target with no unusual negative variances. The employees have worked hard to keep their department budgets in line and a merit based increase is a great way to recognize everyone for their tremendous efforts all year. Zach Hall and Scott Gibson co-authored the motion to approve the merit increase which passed unanimously. The amount calculated at a 2% average based on the score of the last fiscal year’s performance evaluations will start with the pay period ending December 24, 2011.

Next the Board made other new appointments to some of the Board Committees. Mike Tennican will step down from the Finance Committee and Dr. George Poore will join. Scott Gibson and Joe Albright will join the Board Organization Committee.

JCC Report:

Barbara Herz noted that there are now almost 2 1/2 million more kids covered by insurance in the 19-26 age category due to health care reform. Meaningful Use stage 2 will be implemented now in October 2013 so we have another year to get prepared for this next step. There was a discussion on beginning the process of developing a medical staff development plan. The biggest news was from Dr. Gus Goetz who announced at the meeting this morning that the Center of Excellence infection rates are at an incredibly low .15% which is below the national average.

Credentialing and Policies:

Dr. Payne presented the credentialing recommendations as listed in the MEC’s recommendation report to JCC as follows:

New Privilege Requests
The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) recommends approval of the following requests for a change in privileges:
1. David Saurman PA-C, Change from Physician Assistant privileges to Refer & Follow privileges.
2. Lisa Ridgway MD, Change from Pediatrics privileges to Refer and Follow privileges.

The MEC recommends approval of the following reappointments:
1. Sheila Davis PNP-C, AHP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Brent Blue sponsor – 1/1/12-12/31/13.
2. Michael Rosenberg MD, Active, General Surgery, 1/1/12-12/31/13.

New Appointments
The MEC recommends approval of the following new appointments:
1. George Clarke M.D., Locums Consulting, Pathology, 12/23/11 – 11/30/12.
2. Gary Dotson D.O., Consulting, Family Practice, Four Peaks Clinic, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
3. Dustin Hammers PsyD, Neuropsychologist -Cognitive Health Clinic, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
4. Karin Klee MD, Provisional, Pediatrics, Critical Care, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
5. Robert Mazzola MD, Courtesy, Pulmonology/Sleep Medicine, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
6. Kim Mellick (Thompson) FNP-BC, AHP, Nurse Practitioner and Surgical Assistant, Dr. Goetz sponsor, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
7. Daniel Nelson D.O., Locums Consulting, Emergency Medicine, 1/23/12-1/28/12.
8. Jeffrey Osborn MD, Courtesy, Cardiology, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
9. Cary Smith DDS, Non-Physician Professional Staff, Dentist for the Living Center, 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
10. Christine Turner MD, Provisional, Internal Medicine 1/1/12 – 12/31/12.
11. Becky White FNP-C, Surgical Assist privileges, Dr. Doug George sponsor.

The Board approved all of the recommended items.

Medical Staff Report:

Dr. Payne announced the results of the 2012 Medical Staff Elections as follows:

Chief of Staff - Dr. John Payne
Vice Chief of Staff - Dr. Marty Trott
Secretary-Treasurer - Dr. Franci Tryka
Chief of Medicine - Dr. Gerry Katz
Chief of Surgery - Dr. Gus Goetz
MEC Member at Large - Dr. A. J. Wheeler
Perinatal Representative - Dr. Travis Riddell
Ortho Representative - Dr. Peter Rork


As noted before there was an almost unanimous approval at the last medical staff meeting to move forward with a medical staff development plan so we can identify the needs of the community and how best the medical staff can meet those needs.

Finance Committee:

Mr. Kren gave an overview of the monthly financial statement for November. We are light on patient days this month but again up on the outpatient side. We have delivered 177 babies YTD, done 8,286 imaging procedures YTD, are up in Hospice and Home Health Care and currently have 50 residents in the Living Center. The net patient revenue YTD is $30,240,855 vs. a budget of $30,616,347, operating expenses are running below budget at $29,462,855 vs. a budget of $29,841,011 resulting in an operating gain of $778,000 vs. a budget of $775,336. YTD our total revenue over expenses is $2,816,853 vs. a budget of $3,342,769.

Facilities Committee:

Mr. Kren gave a review of the expansion project. It was noted that actual construction is currently on hold as some of the cost estimates are coming in higher than expected so we are now reviewing the project plans and getting new estimates so we can keep the project on budget and meet the community needs as proposed in our SPET application. This is a common occurrence on projects of this size and complexity but it is important to go through this reevaluation process to make sure we get the estimates we need to complete this project on budget and as proposed.

MRI Committee:

Mr. Tennican stated that this was the first month the hospital operated the magnet. The committee including Alan Heffron, Dr. Richard Ofstein, John Kren, and Michelle Kren visited the annual technology trade show to see what breakthroughs there have been in this field. They are still investigating the three major vendors and plan to visit field sites to observe these new magnets in operation. They are also looking at possible changes in the pricing policy for these procedures.

Steering Committee:

Mr. Kren stated that this new committee includes Dr. Lou Hochheiser, Mike Tennican, Gary Trauner, Dr. Marty Trott, Dr. Jim Little, Jr. along with himself. They had their first meeting and have set up some parameters as they begin investigating a hospital sponsored medical group.

CEO Search Committee:

Zach Hall announced that they have been looking at a group of 5 candidates and have begun those interviews. They hope to have all the interviews done by the end of January and are very pleased with the quality of applicants they have.


Liz Finegan stated that the low infection rate news is a very high topic and the Foundation is happy to report our low rate to the donors. She thanked all the board members for their contributions to the employee holiday party. This was a great event and a huge success. The Annual Appeal letters went out and we are tracking slightly ahead at this point. Many of the donations are coming from people who have received care here and have sent wonderful letters noting how grateful they are for the great care they received. She announced 100% participation in the Annual Appeal this year from the Board of Trustees. Thank you to the Board for the commitment you make to the hospital of your time and donations.

Reports from Administration:

Mike Tennican noted that members of the Administration had previously given written reports to the Board and asked if there were any updates.

Ms. Campbell announced that the telemedicine robot has arrived and she and Gary are working to finalize the relationships with EIRMC and the UofU to get the telestroke program up and running. We are able to have this program due to the generosity of our Foundation donors.

Mr. Trauner noted that we are implementing CPOE now which is the most difficult and complicated undertaking we have gone through yet. We are working with the hospitalists one on one now and we are on track and doing well.

Karen Connelly began by thanking Vicki Rosenberg for her contributions in getting out the Meaningful Use newsletters. She then announced that the Annual Report is now out in PO Boxes and includes information on computer assisted navigation in the OR, telehealth system, CT for heart patients, year-end financial information and statistical information. We have also been working on ads for the opening of the Teton Village Clinic and the 4 Peaks Clinic in Driggs.

Public Comments:

There was a community member who asked several questions regarding CPOE, the expansion project, and Medicare revenue. Some of the questions were addressed and other questions relating directly to individual patient care issues were not addressed in this public forum due to privacy issues.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Friday, January 27, 2012 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
(307) 739-7501

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