Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes February 22, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 2-22-12:

There were no special announcements tonight.

Education Presentation: Dr. Gus Goetz gave a presentation on a recent trip the Center of Excellence team made to Sharp Coronado Hospital in San Diego to attend a conference on “Transforming Joint Replacement – The Sharp Coronado Experience.” He gave an overview of how this hospital went from a $3 million deficit to a $3 million surplus by eliminating non-essential and unprofitable services and focusing on joint replacement surgery. Dr. Goetz explained how they went through a complete cultural transformation and redefined the health care experience for their patients with the emphasis on life, health, and growth. He was excited to report that our Center of Excellence program already matches much what Coronado is doing in many areas including safety and quality of care standards, patient education, and evidenced based practices. The team is also excited to implement some of the new ideas they experienced into our program to continually provide the best care and ensure the best outcomes possible for each of our patients.

Minutes: The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on January 27, 2012. These minutes will be available at next week.

Credentialing and Policies: John Payne, DO presented the credentialing and policy recommendations that were approved at JCC and included in the committee report from February 20, 2012. The Board approved all recommended items and policies.

Facilities Committee: Joe Albright stated that both the Facilities and Finance Committees met this week to discuss the central energy plant project and asked John Kren and Gary Trauner to give an overview of the plan. The initial review of this project began in 2007 and funds were set aside in the capital budget. Now that we are moving forward with the current expansion project the plans for upgrading the energy plant need to be finalized. This plant will be extremely energy efficient and should save us approximately $23,000 per year based on today’s numbers. The new energy plant is essential to operating the new facility. The Board authorized the CEO to move forward toward the completion of the Central Energy Plant within the cost range and other parameters outlined to the Board tonight.

MRI Committee: Mike Tennican stated that the site visits are still in process and more will be reported when the visits have been completed.

Strategy Committee: Mr. Tennican noted that the focus continues to be on the development of a possible hospital sponsored medical group and that the committee headed by Mr. Kren is moving forward.

Foundation: Liz Finegan announced that the annual appeal is out and receiving strong results – thank you to the community and everyone for the show of support. The season of planning fundraising events is underway as the Auxiliary is busy making preparations for this year’s Spring Fling. They have almost met their goal of a $150,000 commitment to purchase new patient medication pumps and are working to select their next project. The Foundation is working with the Hospital Board on bringing groups of people together for discussions regarding St. John’s and had a very successful first meeting last week. Ms. Finegan was also excited to announce that Addie’s Benefit Boutique will be happening again this year with the event taking place at the high school.

County Commissioner Report: Paul Vogelheim gave an update on items the County is reviewing. He said they are beginning their budget process and as projected revenues are continuing to decrease they will have to continue their freeze on hiring new employees and issuing pay increases. This will also affect funds designated for the hospital. Another major item is the closure of the landfill and how to meet the EPA requirements to close this facility. They are looking at a new acquisition for trash transfer or removal of the garbage from the landfill. Either of these options will cost approximately $8 - $10 or potentially $20 million dollars so they are considering a separate tax to cover this or they will have to use a majority of future SPET funds. The process the County goes through for SPET will be changing and they are asking all agencies to use a more proactive approach to reviewing capital needs. The Town is also asking for a potential land acquisition for the Bridger Teton Forest Supervisor’s office so there are great demands for the next round of SPET funds for capital projects. The County is also anticipating a decrease in revenue received from state and federal governmental agencies. Mr. Vogelheim was asked to join a subcommittee of the Wyoming County Commissioners Association that is taking a look at how community hospitals and hospital districts are structured in terms of statutes and he will keep us posted on how other communities are dealing with some of the same issues we are dealing with here.

Reports and Updates from Administration: Mr. Trauner introduced Emily Kritzler and Julia Heemstra to give an update on our Employee Wellness Program. Ms. Kritzler announced that they received the results from the Health Risk Assessment done for this year and were extremely excited at the results which showed an 11% increase in employee participation, that a greater number of our employees moved from the medium health risk category to the low risk category and the biggest improvement of a 10% reduction in the number of employees reporting stress as a major health issue. Some of the problem areas they will now focus on include issues with body weight, blood pressure and lower back pain. Ms. Heemstra gave an overview of some of the programs that have been implemented over the last year to help target these issues including Spring into Fitness, Baggy Pants Yoga and Maintain Don’t Gain. Many employees have had great success in achieving their goals through these programs. Keep up the good work and look for notices on upcoming educational events and exercise classes!

Mr. Trauner continued with his update by announcing that on February 16th the Department of Health and Human Services decided it will be postponing the date for implementation of ICD-10, and on February 17th Congress again approved a bill to temporarily prevent a reduction of approximately 27% in Medicare reimbursement payments to physicians based on the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. Last he noted that legislation has been introduced to give large employers with a “moral or religious” objection the ability to opt out of providing preventative health services currently covered under their group insurance plans. The legislation is not expected to pass.

Mr. Kren gave an overview of the monthly financial statement for January, 2012. He noted that we have had an exceptionally strong month that saw 20-30% increases in volume over projected budget in many areas. The PCU and ICU departments had a surge of volume in January due to the increase of inpatient surgeries. Outpatient revenue came in 11.3% over the $4.6 million budget. January’s operating expenses came in over budget as well and this combined with a Non-Operating Gain of $222,000 and total Tax District Revenue of $278,000 resulted in a net gain of $980,000 for the month.

Candace Geatz announced that March 4th begins National Patient Safety Awareness Week. There will be a webinar scheduled for Thursday March 8th for management so look for the announcement on this and other activities soon.

Public Comments: Pat Weber, Director of the St. John’s Living Center, made a statement regarding the tragic loss last week of Teton County Search & Rescue member Ray Shriver. She was the Administrator on Call that night when the victims of the helicopter crash were brought in. She wanted to extend condolences and remind us of the great respect and support these special volunteers deserve. She also acknowledged the great professionalism, strength and care shown by so many people from different departments including EMS, hospital staff, physicians, sheriffs and so many more who continued to do their jobs while at the same time grieving for the loss of their friend and mentor. It was a very moving example of how we come together to serve and support this community in a very difficult time.

There was no continuing executive session and the meeting was adjourned. These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Thursday, March 22, 2012 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –
Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
(307) 739-7501

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