Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes February 24, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 2-24-11

Special Announcements:

Special Board of Trustees Meeting 3-14-11: Mike Tennican announced there will be a Special Board of Trustees meeting on March 14th at 4:00 pm. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss how to structure the purchase of a new MRI machine in a way that will provide the best possible diagnostic services for our doctors and members of our community. We will consider restructuring proposals including a proposal from the current joint venture, Teton MRI, the general public and other members of our Board and Staff.

Appointment to the Wyoming Board of Medicine: Jody Holzinger was recently appointed to the Wyoming Board of Medicine by Governor Matt Mead effective March 1st for a 4 year term. She is the first member appointed to have a credentialing background. The board is made up of 5 physicians including Dr. Little, Sr. as Vice-President, 1 PA and 2 public at large. This is quite an honor, we are very proud of her and this is well deserved. Ms. Holzinger thanked everyone who sent in recommendation letters and is really looking forward to working on this Board.

Foundation Report:

Ross Hartley opened his report by stating that the Foundation’s annual appeal is off to a very good start for the year.

Liz Finegan gave an overview of some of the other Foundation projects. The Community Foundation has given over $44,000 to help over 70 women to receive prenatal care that wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. These women could have ended up not seeing a physician until they were in an emergency situation but with this program they receive prenatal visits. As an update on the Pediatric Audiology Project, the Rose Foundation recently gave a grant to help us bring in an educational audiologist once a week to work with the school system and Eliza Petersen, our audiologist, will also assist. Sixteen children have been diagnosed with hearing problems through this program. They were also able to help finance hearing aids for 5 children that otherwise would not have been able to have them. There are several other projects in the works. One of the biggest is fundraising for the expansion project.

Education Presentation:

Lynn Campbell, CNO, gave a presentation on Value Based Purchasing. This is part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Title III and is used to promote high-quality health care in hospitals that serve Medicare patients. This proposed rule is scheduled to take effect October 1, 2012 (FY 2013). This rule reduces the base operating DRG (Medicare In-Patient Payment System) for discharges by 1% in FY 2013, rising to 2% by 2017. There is an opportunity to recover the reduction in the DRG payment based on quality and safety measure compliance. There are clinical processes of care, outcomes of care and patient experiences of care that go into an equation used to determine the amount of the 1% reduction that will be returned to you. You need to perform well or show substantial improvements in your performance in how you do in the core measures of care.

Strategic Plan Update:

Ms. Herz proposed a 4 month work plan beginning March 1st. During the 1st month the committee will look at who our patients are and why people choose to come or not come to St. John’s for services. The 2nd month the group will discuss the scope of services, quality of care issues and broader health needs in the community. During the 3rd month, the focus will be on the economic and policy context of higher quality care and cost effectiveness. In the 4th month, we will look at pulling it all together in the big picture framework so we know where we are headed. They invite participation from medical staff, hospital staff and administration in working on this plan.

Performance Improvement 2010:

Ms. Byron gave an overview of the Performance Improvement 2010 report. There are four categories that were tracked over the last year. Core Measure Indicators, Patient Safety Indicators, Hospital Acquired Infections and Conditions, and Customer Experience. After a review of the scores, an action plan was written on what should be done to make improvements in these areas. As there are so many changes coming with healthcare reform, Ms. Byron will give a performance report to the Board on a quarterly basis.

Open Position on Board of Trustees:

Mr. Tennican stated that two candidates were interviewed for the open seat on the Board and asked for a nomination. Ms. Herz made the motion to appoint Zach Hall, PhD to the Board which passed unanimously. The Board looks forward to working with Dr. Hall and also thanked Sam Harrell for his interest in serving on the Board. Mr. Tennican said he thought Mr. Harrell would be interested in participating on one of the Board committees or fundraising efforts. Dr. Hall will serve out Dr. Knobloch’s term through October 2012.

Appointment of an Investment Banker for the Bond Underwriting for the Expansion Project:

At the Finance Committee meeting this week, the 4 RFPs received were reviewed and the list was narrowed to 2 firms. After completing interviews, the Finance Committee recommended Wells Fargo as the investment banker for the bond underwriting. Of the two final firms, Wells Fargo had underwritten more hospital bond sales. They also have a history of successfully leading resort hospitals in obtaining their initial bond rating and have a larger network for bond distribution. The Board approved the appointment of Wells Fargo and gave Administration authority to finalize the contract.

Report from the Chairman:

Mr. Tennican stated that today we received the final opinion from the Supreme Court in the Guier v. Teton County Hospital District case. The Court ruled in favor of the hospital and concluded that the decision by the Board of Trustees to revoke Dr. Guier’s medical staff privileges was supported by substantial evidence, and is otherwise in accordance with the law. The Board wishes Dr. Guier the best and is very pleased that this matter is now closed.

CEO Report:

Ms. Maples announced that on March 8th, Dr. Gus Goetz will give a lite lunch presentation to introduce the St. John’s Center of Excellence in Orthopaedics. He will discuss how Best Practice models assure continuity of care, aid recovery and reduce complications. Everyone is excited for the official launch of this program. The presentation will be at noon in the Moose-Wapiti classroom.

CNO Report:

Ms. Campbell announced that Dawn “Dondi” Weeks, RN is the new Director of Oncology. She will be working with Judy Basye during her transition then Judy will assume her role as Nurse Navigator.

She also noted that the kick off for the “We love The Joint Commission” campaign was last week in preparation for the upcoming survey later this year.

COO Report:

Mr. Trauner announced that Jim Johnston is the new Safety Officer and has already met with the Safety Committee in updating our Safety Plans. There are 7 plans which will be presented to the Board next Month.

McKesson gave a readiness report on where we stand with Meaningful Use. We are doing well but it is going to take a lot of work to get where we need to go.

HB #35 is currently in the Senate for review after passing the house. This Bill would have made it a criminal penalty for any government official to implement any portion of the Healthcare Reform Act. The House removed all the penalty provisions and the WHA legislative representative does not believe the Senate will add any penalty provisions back in.

House Bill 120 regarding public meetings and public records is moving through the Senate. This is a provision that calls for audio recordings of executive sessions. The WHA is on record as being against this bill and recommends that local hospitals contact their representatives on this matter. The issue of how HIPAA takes precedence in this instance needs to be investigated.

Safety Update:

Ms. Weber stated that the Patient Care Committee met and discussed that the best way to reduce human error is to improve the patient safety system. She also held an in-service for the cardiopulmonary staff on safety. She announced that there is a patient safety quality initiative throughout St. John’s for 2011 on practicing good hand hygiene before and after every patient contact.

Chief of Staff Report:

Dr. John Payne stated that at the Medical Executive Committee Meeting they received annual performance improvement and quality improvement reports for hospital based services including the hospitalist program. He gave an overview of credentialing recommendations and policy updates which were approved.

Facilities Committee Report:

Mr. Johnston stated that some concerns were brought up in user group meetings held the beginning of this month with plan design 1A that was chosen. The concerns have been addressed and schematic drawings are in the works. There will be more user group meetings coming up in the beginning of March. We will have a Meet and Greet for local contractors with our Construction Manager, RJ Griffin on March 2nd. Mechanical and electrical engineers will also be here in March to meet with representatives from public works, LVE, Qwest and the planning department.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Thursday, March 24, 2011 with public session starting at 4:00 pm so please mark your calendars accordingly.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
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