Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes July 25, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 7-25-12:

Report from the Board Chair:

Mike Tennican opened his report by stating that he feels there has been great progress on many fronts here at St. John’s. He said that we gained a great deal of momentum under John Kren as interim CEO and now with Lou Hochheiser is in place Administration, the Hospital Board and the Foundation Board are all moving forward together on many issues.

On a personal note he added that he recently underwent joint replacement surgery through the Center of Excellence program at St. John’s and gave his appreciation to all the members of his care team from Dr. Goetz to his nurses, aids and physical therapists. He said he did look at other facilities and physicians that he had experience with in the past but after reviewing the quality of care, infections rates and spending a great deal of time with Dr. Goetz he felt very confident in having this procedure here and gave his sincere thanks to the entire team for his incredible outcome.

Presentation of the Proposed Budget for the Fiscal Year 2013:

Joe Albright stated the members of the Finance Committee have reviewed and unanimously approved the FY 2013 SJMC Proposed Operating and Capital Budget.

John Kren stated that the proposed FY 2013 operating budget provides for an overall gain of $3.1 million, which will be applied to existing capital needs, including debt service and equipment expenditures. This figure reflects a projected operating income of $24,000 which is enhanced by a projected non-operating revenue amount of $3,081,000. The non-operating revenue includes district tax revenue, interest, and other income. Additional specific purpose excise tax dollars, restricted for sole use on the expansion and renovation project, and contributions, such as donations from the Foundation, are also budgeted to contribute to the bottom line. The total increase in net assets is projected to come in at $7,130,000.

The Board approval the proposed Budget as submitted.

Board Committee and Medical Staff Reports and Action Items:

Approval of Credentialing and Policy Items – Dr. John Payne presented the credentialing recommendations that were approved at the July MEC and JCC meetings and included in the MEC report to the Board dated July 10, 2012. The Board approved all recommended credentialing items. Dr. Payne had no further Chief of Staff Report.

Facilities Committee – Mr. Trauner noted that from a construction perspective we’re treating the expansion and central energy plan projects as one. They are finalizing the subcontractor contracts and getting the pieces in place to start the actual construction. There were about 5 issues that needed to be addressed from the State which none impacted the foundation or footprint so work should begin next week. We are looking forward to a great project.

CEO Report to the Board:

Dr. Hochheiser opened his report by thanking all the staff, physicians and community for the positive support he has received since he began last month. He also thanked the Board for their support and direction. He has been focused on the basics and next month plans to hold sessions with the community to get their perspective on issues then he will give feedback on how we can incorporate some of their suggestions. In September he will give a “State of the Union” as to how things have moved ahead at St. John’s.

So far this month he received the final report on the Employee Patient Safety Survey and is in the process of establishing 3-5 items to focus on for improvement. Work is continuing on the review of all physician contracts and that all salaries fall within fair market value. This project should be done by early September. There has been a request from the medical staff to begin work on a medical staff development plan to address the needs of the community. This will also be used to review how many physicians we have retiring and to make sure we have support staff in place to assist physicians in their area of practice. Dr. Hochheiser also addressed the issue of Health Care Reform. It is unclear if Wyoming will participate in Medicaid Expansion or have its own Exchange. Administration will continue to follow this closely and keep the Board informed on a monthly basis.

Next Dr. Hochheiser gave an overview of clarification of interaction and communication between the Board and Administration. Clear, concise, direct communication between the Board and Administration will be key contributors to a smooth functioning operation.

The Board also approved an amendment to the By-Laws that the Board will receive timely information from the CEO on important projects and issues, including local and national matters affecting health care delivery. The Board will communicate directly with the CEO on inquiries related to all hospital matters.

Foundation Report:

Liz Finegan reported that there has been a strong show of support for the oncology pavilion campaign that has begun. Last month they received $250,000 from the Mark J. Kusek Charitable Fund and now they have received a pledge from the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association for $150,000. She also wanted to thank Shirley and Paul Piper who have committed to match all funds raised by the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association. This is a wonderful gift and greatly appreciated.

Annual Human Resources Report:

Tara Hagan gave the annual report regarding our staffing effectiveness. She noted that our turnover rate is 2.9% and we have 22 full and part time positions open. The average tenure is 8.7 years. Total injuries were 47 with OSHA reportable injuries at 14. Sprains and strains are the most frequent type of injury. All employee appraisals should be complete by 7/31/12 and the next employee satisfaction survey will start in September. The Board approved this annual report.


The Board approved the minutes from the meetings held on June 28th and July 5th, 2012. Approved minutes are posted at

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Thursday, August 23, 2012 with public session at 4:00 pm in the boardroom.

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