Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes July 28, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 7-28-11:


Professor Katherine Swartz of the Harvard School of Public Health presented “Health Care Reforms in Massachusetts: Implications for the Accountable Care Act.” Ms. Swartz discussed how Health Care Reform dramatically reduced the number of the uninsured population in Massachusetts, how hospitals are doing well financially under reform, and how the focus is now on slowing spending but this will require a larger initiative on the national level.

Barbara Herz gave an overview of the issues discussed at the recent AHA Leadership Summit held in San Diego. Pam Maples, Dr. Marty Trott, Lynn Campbell and Ms. Herz all attended different segments of the conference. She stated that the economic situation with healthcare and the boarder economy is so difficult that it will compel everyone to make changes and we will do better to make our own choices now rather than have to accept what others decide for us. Organizations are instituting tools like surgery checklists and they are also looking more broadly at integration, including hiring doctors. The conference provided great information that can be brought forward as we move into our strategic planning process.

Lynn Campbell gave an overview of the role the hospital leadership will have when The Joint Commission Survey Team arrives. The Survey Team will have a Joint Commission Leadership Standards Training session for the hospital leadership including the Board members, administrative team, medical staff leaders, and department directors. They will discuss Leadership’s responsibility for creating and maintaining the organizations systems, infrastructure and key processes. They will also explore how we use data in our organization and how we communicate information to staff. Another major item will be hospital access, patient flow and the efficiency and effectiveness of services.


This item was tabled until the August meeting.

Old Business:

Mike Tennican noted that the Board voted in April to terminate the hospital’s involvement with Teton MRI. We concluded that the dissolution of Teton MRI by the members would be the simplest and most efficient way to do this. This morning the Teton MRI members voted to approve the dissolution of the joint venture with a target date of October 1st to complete the necessary transactions. The MRI subcommittee will continue to meet to review equipment options.

New business:

Joe Albright stated that today is the legal deadline for approving the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Every category of the budget is subject to extraordinary uncertainties ranging from the possibility of cuts in Medicare reimbursements to the possibility of reduced patient volumes arising from the economic weaknesses in our community and surrounding service areas. It is the Board’s hope that they will be able to award an average 1.5% compensation increase based on merit effective the first pay period in December and this potential compensation increase has been included in the presented operating budget for FY 2012. The ability to award this increase will be dependent on the November 30, 2011 YTD operating financial performance as compared to the operating budget.

John Kren presented the Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets. He also acknowledged Alisa Lane and Phillip Fox for all of their extraordinary work in pulling together the financial information necessary to prepare this budget. The Board voted to approve this budget as presented.

Credentialing and Policies:

Dr. John Payne presented revisions to the Medical Staff Policy R43 - Telemedicine and the Telemedicine Credentialing Agreement which were previously approved in the MEC and JCC meetings. The Board voted to approve this policy and agreement unanimously.

Next Dr. Payne presented the credentialing recommendations new privilege requests, reappointments and new appointments which were previously approved in the MEC and JCC meetings as follows:

The MEC recommends approval of the following reappointments:
1. David Khoury, MD, Active, Orthopaedics, 8/1/11-8/31/11
2. Adam Williamson, LPC, AHP, Counseling, 8/1/11-8/31/11

New Appointments
The MEC recommends approval of the following new appointments:
1. Preceptee: Matthew Hand MS-4, WWAMI, Orthopaedics, 8/1-8/31/11. Dr. Khoury sponsor
2. Preceptee: William Timbers MS-4, University of VT, Orthopaedics, 8/1-8/31/11. Dr. Rork sponsor
3. Preceptee: Terri Ferrari MS-3, WWAMI, Pediatrics, 8/15-9/25/11. Dr. Riddell sponsor

The Board approved all of the recommended items.

Finance Committee:

Mr. Albright stated that in addition to all the work on the budget, the Finance Committee reviewed the cash investments. The Finance Committee voted to diversify and move some funds into treasury bills.


Gary Trauner noted that the representatives from RJ Griffin, Wes Schreiber and Brian Self, are now here full time and will remain here onsite through the completion of the expansion project. He said that Jim Johnston recently went to Nashville to review plans for the power plant and that it is designed for expansion to meet future needs. The schematic designs were submitted to the Town and next will go to the County Planners. The package has also been sent to the Wyoming Department of Health and we look forward to their approval. Mr. Trauner then presented the architect’s initial drawings of the exterior areas of the new entrance to the OB wing and the Oncology Wing. Visit the website at to view these drawings and other updates on the expansion.

Strategic Planning Committee:

Pam Maples noted that we are in the process of scheduling phone and personal interviews with Board members, community members, physicians, and staff to be held between now and August 9th. SSB Solutions will be here August 23 – 24 to do an on-site workshop but the details of the sessions have not yet been finalized. A second workshop is slated for September 26th and 27th.


Liz Finegan thanked all those who will be attending an event this Friday honoring Addie Donnan with the Murie Center. Addie and Ted are one of the most influential couples in Jackson and we are so grateful for everything they have done for this hospital. Other events coming up include one of our favorites - Addie’s Trunk Show which is done in conjunction with the Alliance. Also Old Bills will be coming in September. The Foundation has also been working on several grants and most importantly their feasibility study.

Approval of Hospital Policies:

Ms. Maples reminded the Board that it is time for them to review and approve the existing list of hospital policies at the August meeting.

Human Resources Report for the FY 2011:

Tara Hagan gave the annual Human Resources Report for the FY 2011. She stated that the average tenure is 7.35 years and turnover rates have dropped from 4.1% in 2010 to 2.8% in 2011. The number of reported injuries is down also. Performance evaluations will now be done on a web based software program where all employees can access their information at any time including their goals. The Board voted to approve and accept this report.

Public Comment:

One member of the community asked about how we compare with our cash on hand to other hospitals our size which Ms. Maples said we were slightly lower than other resort hospitals. She also asked how the SPET tax will be collected and Mr. Albright answered that it will be collected over the next 3 years. She also asked where to get information on the OB and Oncology statistics which were included in our SPET proposal and we will get a copy to her.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Thursday, August 25, 2011 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
(307) 739-7501

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