Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes June 28, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 6-28-12:

Special Announcements:

Mike Tennican announced that tonight we were recognizing the individuals who received Employee of the Year awards during this year’s Employee Appreciation Week.

Tara Hagen introduced Diane Bircher as Nurse of the Year. Diane has worked for St. John’s for over 31 years in several different areas of patient care and is currently our clinical educator.

Gary Trauner introduced Margaret Hubbard as Support Services Employee of the Year. Margaret is the manager of the dietary department. All of her employees look up to her and she is always there for us and our patients making sure everyone’s needs are met in the healthiest way possible.

Karen Connelly introduced Julia Heemstra as the Administrative/Non-Clinical Employee of the Year. Julia is our wellness coordinator and has brought a new vision and energy to the wellness team. She has helped many employees with their wellness goals and is the face of St. John’s for our community through our Lunchtime Learning program.

Megan Delmore was unable to attend tonight’s meeting but she was the Ancillary Employee of the Year. Megan is a very caring and highly skilled respiratory therapist who strives to improve the quality of care for each of her patients. Congratulations to these employees who were selected by their peers for their outstanding contributions to the St. John’s team.

Report from the Board Chair:

Mr. Tennican reported that today the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. There will be new regulations coming with this decision which the Board has asked for clarification on and asked our CEO, Lou Hochheiser to lead an inquiry along with our Chief of Medical Staff, John Payne to review potential ramifications of these new regulations and make recommendations for modifications to our operations if needed.

Report from the CEO:

Tonight was the first meeting for Dr. Hochheiser since taking the lead at St. John’s. He stated that this has been a very exciting beginning and now that health care reform is staying we know more about where things are going.

He went on to report that there is a multidisciplinary customer service initiative underway responsible for developing a plan to continuously improve of customer service throughout the organization. Studying physician alignment models has also been an important item. Preliminary findings regarding physician alignment and fair market value analysis have been reviewed by the senior leadership team. Next steps include assessing the infrastructure needed to support existing physicians and potential new physicians such as improved electronic medical records, billing system and medical and operational leadership. The upgrade of the pharmacy is coming to completion and we are getting ready to move ahead with the facilities expansion. Administration is working through a plan to purchase and install a new MRI machine as well as setting a timeline for this project. Dr. Hochheiser has also been reviewing a community plan working with the Senior Center regarding the home health needs of our patients. Administration is also looking at how to expand services available using new technology like telemedicine. He asked Gary Trauner to give an update on where we are with Meaningful Use. Mr. Trauner stated that we are beginning attestation for stage 1 of meaningful use which is a 90 day period where we have to show we have met the measurements of this stage promoting patient safety and quality of care. He was very optimistic we are going to be successful at completing this first phase.


The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on May 23, 2012. Approved minutes are posted at

Old Business:

2012 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy - Karen Connelly, stated that at last month’s meeting she presented the 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Strategy based on the Teton County Health Needs Assessment. Additional language was added to more accurately reflect that mental health crisis and alcohol abuse are often co-occurring health problems. Accordingly the counseling center programs are now listed under alcohol abuse and the substance abuse treatment centers are referenced under mental health collaborations. The Board moved to adopt the CHNA Implementation Strategy. This will allow us to partner with Teton County Public Health on future efforts as we will be on the same assessment schedule.

Board Committee and Medical Staff Reports and Action Items:

JCC Report – Barbara Herz said they discussed the budget and how we are faced with extraordinary uncertainties for the future with the economy. They also discussed the Supreme Court’s, at that time, upcoming decision and the potential effects it might have.

Approval of Credentialing and Policy Items – Dr. John Payne presented the credentialing recommendations that were approved at the June MEC and JCC meetings and included in the MEC report to the Board dated June 12, 2012. The Board approved all recommended credentialing items. Dr. Payne had no further Chief of Staff Report.

Finance Committee – Joe Albright and John Kren presented the draft SJMC Operating Budget for FY 2013. The discussed revenues and the assumptions leading to the projected outcome as well as associated expenses which resulted in a break-even operating margin and an overall $7.1 million dollar increase in net assets. After a discussion, the Board approved the 2013 Operating Budget as presented. The Finance Committee will submit the Capital Budget and the Cash Flow Statement for approval during the July meeting as more information on the finalization of the bid on the new project becomes available.
Facilities Committee – Mr. Trauner stated that there was an open bid process and our construction manager is reviewing the bids received. We are on track to receive a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the cost of both the facilities expansion and the central energy plant projects by July 5th. Mr. Tennican noted that if we do receive the GMP on schedule, there will be a special meeting of the Board of Trustees on July 5th at 3:00 pm for the sole purpose of review and potential approval of the GMP.

Organization Committee – It was recommended by the Organization Committee that some of the Board Committees be open to community members. At this time, Mr. Albright asked for approval to add Chuck Fleischman and Jim Eden from the Hospital Foundation Board to join the Finance Committee. The Board approved their membership unanimously.

Updates from Administration:

Lynn Kirman, CNO, gave an update on telemedicine stating that training for staff and physicians has been completed both here and at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. They will be conducting a mock case to make sure all is connected and they are ready to go live. All of Administration has been busy doing evaluations for all the employees this week. They have also been working on Periodic Performance Review (PPR) which is a self survey of SJMC standards. Final PPR is due in October.

John Kren, CFO, gave a brief overview of the Financial Statement for May, 2012. He said the expenses are remaining in line and patient volumes were over projections. We currently have cash on hand of 226 days. We will need the cash to continue to improve our service lines and technology once the expansion project is done. We have seen a continued improvement in the revenue collections department mainly due to several specific policies that the revenue cycle team has implemented resulting in fewer bad debts.

Report from the Foundation:

Jim Eden announced that over $400,000 has come in this month. Thank you to Mark J. Kusek Charitable Fund for a gift of $250,000 for Oncology. Some of the other donations included $35,000 given towards the Community Health Information Center, $25,000 given for important needs and cardiopulmonary and $16,500 given by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole for the prenatal education program. The Foundation is working closely with administration on matching needed capital expenditures with donors. Progress has been made on a planned giving initiative and the board is hoping to expand their membership numbers.

Addie Donnan wanted to thank the Auxiliary for all the work they do in their fund raising efforts. She also announced that her special trunk show will be at the High School this year on August 9, 10, and 11 and please remember that the best selling items are the “recycled” jewelry that is donated.

Report from County Commission:

Paul Vogelheim said this was a milestone meeting today and that this is a very exciting time for the hospital. The County would like to extend any help they can provide to Lou for success in his leadership of the hospital. Thank you for the continued partnership with the Title 25 program. It is running very smoothly here in Teton County. The airport will remain open during this busy season from July 5th – 8th with no closures for construction. After the 8th the airport will be closed from 10pm to 6:00am through August. The County recently put its medical insurance plan out for bid and has left their current provider. They will be working with a new group out of SLC and plan to have them meet with the hospital as they review the benefit plan. The County hasn’t approved a budget yet but the plan is for John and Lou to meet with Steve Foster regarding the support of the ambulance program. We share the interest in making sure there is ambulance service for the community. Regarding the airport closures, options are already in place to transport patients by ambulance or helicopter to Driggs and fly from there to Idaho Falls or SLC if specialty care is needed.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Wednesday, July 25, 2012 with public session at 4:00 pm in the boardroom.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant
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