Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes March 21, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 3-21-12:

There were no special announcements.

Education Presentation:

Jody McGill, Medical Staff Coordinator and Vicki Rosenberg, Education Program Coordinator gave a presentation on the Preceptee Education Program at St. John’s. Five states participate in sending over 200 students to the University Of Washington School Of Medicine - Wyoming, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI). The students generally complete their first year of medical school in their home state then are encouraged to do their training and residency in their home state with the goal that they return to their home state to practice medicine. We have 31 physicians participate in proctoring and 22 preceptees have returned to Jackson to practice since 2000 in internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, family practice, ENT, and emergency medicine. Dr. Lisa Finkelstein is the Chair of the Medical Staff Education Committee that oversees the program here.


The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on February 22, 2012. Approved minutes are posted at

Committee Reports and Action Items:

JCC Report – Barbara Herz noted that the CEO search is moving forward and they hope to make a decision in the next month. It was also discussed that while existing initiatives are moving forward, no new initiatives will start until a CEO is in place.

Approval of Credentialing and Policy Items – Dr. John Payne presented the credentialing recommendations that were approved at the March MEC and JCC meetings and included in the JCC report to the Board dated March 19, 2012. The Board approved all recommended credentialing items.

Dr. Payne also presented a Resolution in support of Trauma Care for board approval. St. John’s is designated by the State Trauma Council as a Wyoming area trauma hospital. This designation requires periodic site visits by the State Trauma Program to review our program and determine our continued designation status. One of the requirements is to have a current resolution signed by the Board, Administration and Medical Staff attesting to their support of the trauma program. This is a crucial service and the Board unanimously approved this resolution.

Dr. Payne also noted that the quarterly medical staff meeting was last week and this was the first time they discussed the idea of a hospital sponsored medical group with the full medical staff. It was a very positive discussion but the idea is still in its beginning stages and the physicians are looking forward to hearing more about the benefits this type of model will bring.

At this time, Mike Tennican offered congratulations to Dr. AJ Wheeler for receiving a Citizen’s Award for Bravery from the Department of Interior for his critical role in the rescue of 17 climbers during a lightning storm on the Grand Teton on July 21, 2010. Mr. Tennican noted that we were fortunate in this instance that all of the rescuers came back safe and sound and many lives were saved that day.

Dr. Wheeler stated that it was very humbling to be singled out when there were so many individuals involved from many organizations. He felt very honored to be able to represent the community in this way.

Please visit our website at to view the press release on this event.

Finance Committee – Joe Albright stated that budget season is coming and the finance committee is working on projections for the next year. The Board will be approving the budget for FY 2013 at the June board meeting.

Facilities Committee – Jim Johnston gave an update on the expansion project stating that we are moving forward with the construction documents and are on track to have them completed by March 30th. Once approved, they will formulate a revised construction schedule and begin sending out RFPs.

Next Mr. Johnston presented the Evaluation of the 2011 Management Plans and the 2012 Management Plans to the Board for their approval. The Joint Commission was very impressed with our 2011 plans when they were here in October for our last inspection. These plans describe the process that St. John’s Medical Center has implemented to effectively assess risk and ensure the safety of St. John’s patients, residents, staff and visitors during times of emergency or disaster. The Board approved the 2012 plans.

CEO Search Committee – Zach Hall, Chair of this committee stated that there are 4 candidates involved in a final round of interviews. The Board hopes to make a decision within a few weeks after the interviews are complete.

Foundation Report:

Liz Finegan opened her report by thanking Dr. Holly Payne for all her work in putting together the high school summer internship summer program. They just finished the interview process and have selected 3 students to participate in this year’s program which is funded in part by the Foundation. Things are going really well with receiving donations this year. They have been speaking with a local family on doing a planned gift in coordination with the Helmsley foundation to help rural areas in Wyoming with health care needs. They also have donors who are interested in gifting to orthopaedics and oncology as they had excellent experiences in these areas. Ms Finegan was one of several members of the wellness committee to attend a presentation in Sun Valley at St. Luke’s Hospital. They have a wonderful wellness program and we are excited to put a similar program together.

Reports from Administration:

CFO Report – John Kren gave an overview of the financial report through February 2012 stating that we ended with a total net revenue of $281,000 over budget. Even though we have been seeing a trend over the last several months of fewer inpatients, the hospital has been extremely busy this month with inpatients. We had over 16 admissions in one day. Our department managers are still doing a great job of keeping expenses within budget which is helping us overcome the lower inpatient revenues. We continue to build the outpatient service lines, diagnostic services, and lab to help address the issue of lower inpatient volumes. Advances in technology and changes in procedures allow things to be done on an outpatient basis where they used to be done on an inpatient basis. We are also building programs to keep more of our patients here for their care instead of having to transport them out to other facilities.

COO Report – Gary Trauner noted that there were challenges this week with meaningful use initiatives as the hospital was so busy but we are still moving forward.

He was then asked to give an update on grants for the energy plant project. He said that a few years ago when we began looking into upgrading the energy plant system, we applied for some grants that were available at that time for the sole purpose of upgrading existing hospital systems. When the new SPET expansion project was approved and the new energy plant facility designed to handle the needs of the expansion, these grants became obsolete so we are not going to pursue them.

Patient Safety Report – Candace Geatz announced that it was National Patient Safety Awareness Week March 4-10 and several activities were done at the hospital including a Patient Safety Culture Survey which has been extended through March 30th.

Communications Report - Karen Connelly announced that she was unable to travel to Sun Valley with the members of the wellness committee but has been following their wellness program and has discussed ideas with their marketing director. They have the backing of the St. Luke’s system out of Boise which allows them to do quite a bit. They have fewer nonprofits there so the hospital is the center of the donor focus for community wellness.

Scott Gibson asked for an update on the issue of telemedicine. Mr. Trauner said that we are in the process of finalizing the contractual relationships with EIRMC and University of Utah for a scope of services for cardiology and neurology. Administration is also planning a site visit to University of Utah to see their program.

Public comment:

A member of the community asked if the revised plans would be made available for viewing by the public. Mr. Trauner said that as soon as the documents and plans were final they would be.

There were no further comments and no continuing executive session so the meeting was adjourned. These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Wednesday, April 25, 2012 with public session at 4:00pm in the boardroom.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
(307) 739-7501

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