Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes March 24, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 3-24-11

Mike Tennican opened the meeting by stating that there will be a special meeting on April 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm and the discussion on purchasing a new MRI machine will be tabled until that time. Mr. Albright stated that the board had hoped to come to a decision about MRI today but did not have the legal information necessary to make a final decision. This special meeting date is set in order to provide more time for the lawyers for the hospital and Teton MRI to reach an agreement as to the extent of the legal risks in the continuation of the Teton MRI Joint Venture

Pat Weber introduced Becky Morningstar as the recipient of the Women’s Opportunity Award from the Soroptimist International of Jackson. This is an award to women who are heads of household who are trying to further their education or employment opportunities. Becky was awarded $2,000 and in her application she wrote that her goal is to become a flight nurse. She is working towards receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Becky is a CNA in the Living Center and has two little girls. Congratulations to you Becky, we are very proud of you!

Liz Finegan had a special announcement from the Foundation. She stated that the Foundation was formed in 1999 and in 2002 the hospital asked the Foundation to lead the capital campaign to build a new wing which includes the Emergency Department, Lab, Administration, Boardroom, six PCU rooms – a sizable addition to this hospital. The Foundation raised over $10 million dollars which equaled just over half of the total cost of the project. Yesterday, John Kren and members of the Foundation completed the release of $2 million in donor restricted contributions which will make it possible for the hospital to repay a sizable amount of the debt that was remaining on this 2002 construction project. Thank you to John and the Finance Committee for making this possible. Mike Tennican expanded that this should help us greatly in receiving an investment grade rating for the bond issue that is a part of our financing structure for the new project. This is an extremely helpful transfer of funds and thank you to all those who worked on this. Liz also introduced Chuck Fleishman as treasurer of the Foundation. He is looking forward working with hospital administration and members of the Board.

Senator Leland Christensen gave a legislative update on a bill that was introduced but failed. The bill was regarding recording of executive sessions which did not pass. The discussions are continuing and even include text messages so this is a topic that is not going away. He spoke in favor of this bill from the standpoint of how it can help to make sure committees have an accurate account of what was discussed. He does understand the added complications for public hospitals with regards to HIPAA and other confidential medical issues.

Representative Keith Gingery also gave a legislative update. He is on the health committee and his priority is the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They are looking at other ways of how to operate Medicaid and now have the Medicaid Agent reporting directly to Governor Mead. He reviewed what has been currently going on relating to several programs such as Healthy Frontiers, the WWAMI program, Primary Care Associations, community health centers and rural health districts. He stated that it is Governor Mead’s priority to get rid of the ACA but the legislature is taking a “study everything and commit to nothing” approach.

Next the Board needed to review the action taken in the Emergency Meeting on March 23, 2011 and make it a permanent action. The attorney for the hospital received a motion to dismiss on the Guier v. Waterhouse, et al case and the Board took action to allow the hospital attorney to proceed with the dismissal. The action was made permanent at tonight’s meeting with a motion approving to accept the offer to settle this matter. The matter will be dismissed with prejudice and with all parties paying their own attorneys fees and costs.

Karen Connelly and Julia Heemstra presented the Tobacco-Free Organization-Wide Policy which was approved by the medical staff along with the Human Resources Policy for a Tobacco-Free Facility/Campus to the Board for approval. They reviewed the timeline for becoming tobacco-free along with the education opportunities and cessation support for staff and community members who want to quit using tobacco. The Board approved the two policies and gave full support for SJMC becoming Tobacco-Free.

Gary Trauner asked the board for approval of the renegotiation of the exaction agreements and deed restrictions that were done originally regarding the Glory View units but did not take into account the crash the real estate market has taken and which at the present time make them unmarketable and financing unavailable. The board had approved these changes for the sale of one of these units last month and Gary is now asking the board to make these same changes for the two other existing home owners. The Board approved the recommended changes.

Jim Johnston gave a review of the Environment of Care Management Plans. These are safety plans which apply to the living center and the hospital and are required by The Joint Commission. They have been approved by the Safety Committee and tonight were approved by the Board. The committee will now begin getting the safety information distributed to the departments. These safety plans will also apply to the outlying clinics.

Joe Albright gave a proposal from Finance Committee regarding the outstanding bond series from the earlier expansion in 1998. They asked a financial consultant to look at whether we could refinance those 1998 bonds now that the interest rates are lower. The most competitive rate came from Key Bank which will save us approximately $280,000 per year and will decrease our overall operating costs. The Board approved moving forward with the refinancing of this bond series subject to a legal review. If this goes well, the Finance Committee will next look at doing a similar transaction for the 2002 bonds.

Last, Gary Trauner presented a Resolution Expressing Support for Funding and Implementation of”Meaningful Use” Initiatives for the Board’s approval. He stated that we are well underway with Meds Admin and are now starting to move forward with Computer Provided Order Entry (CPOE). CPOE requires hospital staff and medical staff to completely change the way they do things and is one of the toughest initiatives to implement. One of the key elements of success is to have an organizational commitment. This is a high level resolution that will communicate to all of our employees that we (the Board and Administration) are truly behind implementing this initiative so we can make this successful. The Board gave their approval which will help Administration to keep up with best practices and continue our improvements in quality and safety.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the special meeting on April 11, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. along with the regular monthly board meeting on April 28, 2011 with public session at 4:00 p.m.

Thank you –

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