Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes November 18, 2010

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 11-18-10

Educational Presentation:

Lynn Campbell, CNO gave a presentation to the board on Relationship Based Care. She gave an overview of why you should have a model of care, the benefits of this program for both patients and staff, and what the next steps are in implementing this type of program. The Board endorsed the program and agreed that Ms. Campbell should move forward.

New Board Officers:

Mr. Mike Tennican expressed his appreciation for the voters electing him along with Joe Albright, Barbara Herz, and Dr. George Poore to the Board of Trustees. The next step was to elect officers. The Board voted to reappoint Mike Tennican as President, Barbara Herz as Vice-President, Joe Albright as Treasurer and to appoint Dr. Emmy Knobloch as Secretary.

Performance Improvement Program and Plan:

Ms. Campbell stated our current Performance Improvement Program and Plan has expired and requested the Board approve the existing plan be extended through January 31, 2011. The Board approved the extension which will give Ms. Campbell and the quality team time to review and revise the existing plan and present it to the Board for approval at the January meeting.
CEO, COO and CNO Reports are attached.

Communications Report:

Karen Connelly announced the 2011 PAWS of Jackson Hole calendar is out and features a story on the Pet Partners program at the hospital. The calendars are $25 each and can be purchased from Terri Hayden, Volunteer Coordinator, x7541.
Ms. Connelly also presented the first draft of the annual report to the Board for their review and comments. She is planning on having the report distributed in homes by December 15th.

She was also very excited to announce that the Wellness Committee launched the online health risk appraisal assessment for all employees. Employees will receive $10 if they complete the appraisal by December 31, 2010.
Great progress has been made in taking the steps to move us towards being a tobacco free campus. The goal is to have a transition program in place by January 1, 2011 so we can begin 2012 100% tobacco free.

Foundation Report:

Liz Finnegan prepared a report which was distributed to Board and community members at the meeting. Total donations for the 4 months ended October 31st totaled over $623,000. Ms. Addie Donnan clarified that her Trunk Show raised $16,000 which was a great accomplishment. This has been a very successful year for the Foundation’s fund raising events.

Finance Report:

Mr. Albright gave an overview of items discussed at the recent Finance Committee meeting. The Board approved to continue with the current investment policy. He also stated that there was considerable discussion on how to handle our cash investments and it was recommended continue with the investments as they are.

Employee Raises:

Mr. Albright stated that the Finance Committee discussed at great length options for giving the employees either a raise, a bonus or a little of both. It was approved that employees would get an evaluation based raise. The amount of raise each employee receives will be based upon his/her individual evaluation.

These raises will be for all non-contract employees that have received their evaluation for this year (i.e., employees that began working at SJMC prior to April, 2010).

Expansion Project:

After deciding on a lead architect last month (ESa), the Construction Committee has been busy interviewing 4 well qualified local architects. It was announced tonight that ESa, the lead firm, recommended Hawtin Jorgensen Architects PC (HJA). The Construction Committee thereby recommended HJA to the Board who unanimously approved this choice, pending the satisfactory completion of HJA’s contract with ESa. The next steps will include determining if we need a construction manager. The Construction Committee requested approval to begin the RFP/Q process if it is determined that a construction manager will be hired. In December the Board will discuss the pros and cons of a LEED building.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on our public website. The next Board of Trustees meeting will be Thursday, December 9, 2010 with public session starting at 2:00 pm. The meeting will be held early due to the Christmas holiday so please mark your calendars accordingly.

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