Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes September 22, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 9-22-11:


Dr. Little, Sr. announced that it is once again flu season and noted the importance of getting a flu vaccine. The goal is to have all hospital employees get their vaccine. It is especially important for those that work in clinical areas with patients. Janet Olson was present to give vaccines to those that wanted to get one. Dr. Little was asked about the risk of getting sick from the vaccine and he stated that as the injection is a dead virus there is almost no chance at all that someone would get sick. It is now mandated in most hospitals that every employee receive the vaccine.

Special Announcements:

Terri Hayden announced that Missy Crosby, Lay Chaplain, received the Avis Ranck Memorial Lay Chaplain of the Year Award for 2010-11. Missy has been a volunteer in the Living Center since 2001. She also serves as a Lay Chaplain to the residents and families of the Living Center and is greatly appreciated by everyone she works with. Congratulations!

Terri also acknowledged the following volunteers who have received the Bronze level Presidential Service Award for hours given: Anne Wray, Barbara Zelazo, Brandi Flick, Donna Clark, Franz Camenzind, JoAnn Grant, Lea Roney, Maralyn Larson, Marlene Lang, Missy Crosby, Sue Hall, Tony Wall, and Jane Kusek.

The families of Connie Bartek and Ruth Weisbrod, both long- time SJMC volunteers, were recognized for receiving the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in memory of their loved ones.

There are currently 125 volunteers giving their time to help at St. John’s in many ways and we are very thankful to have them all.

Terri also reminded everyone that St. John’s will have a booth at the Canine Carnival this weekend with the Pet Partner Volunteers so please come by and see them.

Next Margaret Hochheiser, PsyD and Steven Nelson, PhD announced that Adam Williamson, LPC was voted the 2010 Psychology Professional of the Year award. Dr. Nelson stated that this award is given to a member of the medical staff who excels in providing psychological services to patients and that Adam is very deserving of this year’s award as he demonstrates great care, compassion and strong ethics in his practice. Adam stated that he very much appreciated receiving this award and took the opportunity to talk about his main passion of dealing with suicide prevention. He grew up in Driggs, Idaho and has been structuring a suicide prevention program there along with working at the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. Michael Tennican presented Adam with a plaque from the hospital and a check for $1,000 from the Medical Staff to say thank you for the wonderful care he has given to patients in this community.


The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on August 25, 2011. These minutes will be available at

Old Business: None

New Business:

Pam Maples announced that she is going to retire at the end of October and move back to Illinois to be with her four children and their families. She said that it has been wonderful to be here again and that it has been a privilege to work with such a great hospital and medical staff. She thanked everyone for their support and said she knows she is leaving the hospital in good hands.

Mike Tennican stated that on behalf of the entire Board of Trustees they wished Pam all the best and expressed their great appreciation for her many contributions both when she was here before and now. He also announced that we are fortunate that Pam has agreed to provide consulting assistance to the Board and administration after her retirement to ensure continuing strong leadership.

Mr. Tennican then stated that the Board will appoint John Kren, CFO, as acting CEO until a permanent replacement is found.

JCC Report:

Barbara Herz stated that the JCC Committee would like to see as many members of the medical staff and hospital staff participate in the strategic planning process as possible. She also asked the Foundation to join in this process also.

Credentialing and Policies:

Dr. Payne presented the credentialing recommendations as listed in the JCC report for reappointments, new appointments and change in privileges as follows:

The Joint Conference Committee (JCC) recommends approval of the following reappointments:
• Robert Berlin MD, Active, Radiology, 11/1/11 – 10/31/13
• Dottie Laflin CNIM, AHP, Neuromonitoring Tech, Dr. Beck sponsor, 11/1/11 – 10/31/13
• James R. Little Sr. , M.D., Active, Pediatrics and Critical Care, 10/1/11 – 9/30/13
• Maura Lofaro M.D., Active, OB/GYN, 10/1/11 – 9/30/13
• David Renner M.D., Consulting, Neurology, 10/1/11 – 9/30/13
• David Shlim M.D., Consulting, Refer & Follow privileges, 10/1/11 – 9/30/13
• Jill Veber MD, Locums Consulting, Pediatrics and Critical Care, 10/1/11 – 9/30/13

New Appointments
The JCC recommends approval of the following preceptee appointments:
• Preceptee, James Devin Owens, MS-4, Orthopaedics, Des Moines University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Goetz sponsor, 11/28/11 – 12/23/11
• Preceptee, Lee Edwards, MS-3, Internal Medicine, WWAMI, Dr. Dennis Butcher sponsor, 11/7/11 – 12/18/11
• Preceptee, Lee Edwards, MS-3, Pediatrics, WWAMI, Dr. Travis Riddell sponsor, 5/07 – 6/17/12
• Preceptee, Adam Simons MD, R-3, University of WA School of Medicine, Internal Medicine, sponsor to be determined, 2/6/12 – 3/4/12

Request for Change in Privileges
The JCC recommends approval of the following request for a change in privileges: Michael Enright PhD, NPPS, change from Psychology privileges to Refer & Follow privileges.

The Board approved all of the recommended items.

Dr. Payne stated that there were no policy changes up for consideration this month. The Quarterly Medical Staff Meeting is being held later tonight and any policy changes along with bylaws changes approved at this meeting will then be presented to the Board for their approval.

Finance Committee:

Joe Albright said there were two main topics discussed at Finance Committee this week. The first was regarding Electronic Medical Records and how Paragon System 10.1 and CPOE will go live by November and the Emergency Department Management and Medication Reconciliation modules will be live by December. There will be a full report on this process at the January, 2012 meeting.

The next item was a motion from the Finance Committee to the Board of Trustees to approve the Phase II proposal for the strategic planning process with SSB Solutions. Zach Hall noted that in Phase I, SSB assessed the hospital’s strengths and capabilities and through interviews and discussions found a significant interest on both the hospital and physician side in the possible formation of a hospital-sponsored medical group and for an orthopaedic surgical line that would be co-managed by the hospital and physicians. Dr. Hall stated that it is important to move forward with Phase II so we can continue to work on the plans that have been proposed to move towards a consensus on strategic goals for optimal hospital-physician alignment at SJMC. After further discussion, the Board approved accepting the Phase II proposal.

Mike Tennican announced that the second strategic planning workshop will be September 26th and 27th with the public meeting to be held Monday, September 26th at 5:00 pm so please mark your calendars accordingly.

Facilities Committee:

Jim Johnston announced that the demolition of six rooms in PCU was completed successfully last Saturday. The big trees had been relocated from that area to the front of the hospital and they have recycled most of the debris from the demolition. They also were able to save the stones from the demolition and it appears they have enough to cover the new front exterior of the oncology area. There was a meeting last week to review exterior design options and tonight the Board approved Option 1A. The idea is to blend in the new exterior sections with the existing structure and use natural colors. Visit us at to see updated information and view our progress in real-time on our new WebCam.

Mr. Albright also noted that it has been in our plans for several years to update the heating plant is expecting to get proposals for presentation at the October or November meeting.

MRI Committee:

Mr. Tennican stated that this group continues to move forward with the objective of closing Teton MRI and having a hospital owned and operated magnet by November 1, 2011. The plan is to take over the existing magnet at fair market value until we can decide if it is feasible to purchase a new magnet.

Personnel Committee:

This group has mainly been working with Pam on her retirement agreement along with continuing to look at physician contracts.


Liz Finegan stated that on behalf of the entire Foundation and the Administrative Team she wanted to thank Pam for all she has done and for being such a good friend. She then noted that September is a very busy month for the Foundation as they have many big events including the golf tournament where they had 77 players this year, Old Bills’ which will have their celebration in October, and Addie’s trunk show which raised a total of $25,000 this year.

Report from the County Commissioner:

Paul Vogelheim also said thank you to Pam on behalf of the county commissioners and the community and added good luck to John as he steps up in the interim role. Jackson is hosting the Wyoming County Commissioners Association this week along with Wyoming Association of Elected Officials. This group is presenting a statewide health care plan with information given by BC of Wyoming and Western States. The County also did a social services need assessment and found the biggest issues are that there are 678 families living in our community below the poverty line, affordable healthcare, unemployment, and emergency transitional housing. To view the assessment visit, He also announced that the County would like feedback on the comprehensive plan and so they are holding open sessions on September 28th and 29th at the Center for the Arts from noon through 8:00 pm so please come.

Reports from Administration:

Mike Tennican noted that members of the Administration had previously given written reports to the Board and asked if there were any updates.

At this time John Kren gave a brief overview of the Financial Report for August. Year to date, we are right on budget with Net Patient Revenues and Operating Income is slightly better than anticipated. We showed an operating gain for August of $913,000 which is considerably better than the budgeted gain of $500,000. Most of the difference can be attributed to a very strong Outpatient revenue month.

Public Comment: None

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Thursday, October 27, 2011 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
(307) 739-7501

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