Board Meeting Highlights & Minutes, April 29, 2010

Complete minutes may be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Karen Connelly opened the meeting by saying thank you to everyone who helped out with the SPET Initiative and announced that this week the elected officials decided to put the St. John’s improvements in surgery, cancer and obstetrics on the August 17 ballot. A political action committee (“PAC”) has been formed and Karen introduced Shelley Simonton who the PAC has hired to do their communications work. Ms. Simonton gave a brief overview of her outreach plan. She is working with fellow committee members Addie Donnan and Kitty Resor, co-chairs, Bruce Hawtin, and Liz Brimmer on the hospital projects. They will have a booth at the Health Fair this Saturday and is looking forward to working with the hospital staff and the Board members in communicating our needs to the community.

Ms. Music announced to the Board that the week of May 10 – 14 is Nurses Appreciation Week and Ms. Herz stated that everyone on the Board wanted to say thank you to all of the nursing staff for the wonderful job they do and for all their show of support at the SPET meetings.

John Kren gave an update on the results of a pricing analysis his team is working on. The program they used allows you to pick the hospitals you want to be compared with and then compares all charges you have identified. The program provides comparative data to the hospitals you have selected (e.g., inpatient revenue per discharge) as well as detail charges such as for the top 100 surgical procedures which John used in his initial report.

Kaye Music gave a presentation on patient safety initiatives. She discussed how the emphasis on safety is being raised across the country. The VHA has a program that hospitals are implementing including ourselves and the team is developing safety procedures such as the Timeout procedure that we currently use. She also requested that new language be added to our mission/vision/value statement that includes safety.

Mike Tennican reported that the most exciting item of the week is that we are on the SPET ballot and the board is looking forward to working with Shelley, the PAC and getting our message out to the public.

Barbara Herz gave an update on the Strategic Plan. She said they are going to contact various physicians and staff that have volunteered to be a part of this project and are going to focus now on financial issues, quality, and safety.
Pam Maples gave a report to the Board which is attached. She has been at the AHA Conference in Washington, DC this week where the hot topic was Healthcare Reform. She got to meet with all of our legislators and discuss concerns of the new Act as well as Medicare reimbursements and issues with Electronic Medical Records.

John Kren gave a brief overview of the monthly financial report. As it was Spring Break, many physicians were gone which resulted in fewer patients being admitted in the hospital. However, Outpatient Revenues continue to be strong and on a year to date basis our net income is ahead of budget by 2.1%. The March financial report is available on the public website for your review.

Dr. Tryka was excited to report that through the hard work of Dr. Katz, there are now standardized admission orders for approximately 20 common diagnoses on the internal website ready for use. They are in a nice, organized format and will provide a good checklist for taking care of patients. The use of these forms will also help ensure consistent quality of care and help eliminate errors.

Karen Connelly reminded everyone that this Saturday is the Health Fair, at Snow King Arena from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and please come if you are in town. She also announced that we are in the process of putting together a presentation to be held on May 18th in partnership with AARP on what Health Care Reform means to you.

The last item of business was that the Board approved this year’s Performance Improvement Plan. Pat Weber explained that this document is a living document that pulls together performance improvements, patient safety, credentialing and what is everyone’s role in improving the quality of services we provide. This document will be available on the hospital website for your information.
The next monthly Board meeting will be Thursday, May 27, 2010 with public session at 4:00pm.

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