Board Meeting Highlights & Minutes January 27, 2011

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 1-27-11

Announcement of the winner of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award:

Terri Hayden, Volunteer Coordinator, announced that Mallory Wilson, a volunteen here at SJMC, is this year’s winner of the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award. This award is presented to young women between the ages of 14 and 17 who volunteer in their community or school to make the community and world a better place. Mallory has been volunteering her time through the School to Careers program with the Living Center, the Senior Center, Urgent Care and the Jackson Hole Institute for Cognitive Health. She also spends time interacting with patients, doctors and nurses in Oncology, Obstetrics, Primary Care Unit and MRI. Congratulations to you Mallory!

Education Presentation:

Karen Connelly and Dr. Mike Menolascino gave an update to the Board on the Employee Wellness Program, Community Wellness and the partnership between SJMC and the Teton Wellness Institute. Karen and the wellness committee have been working to make more wellness services available, increase the number of community education presentations, and offer more wellness screenings through the Health Fair.

Dr. Menolascino helped to create the Teton Wellness Institute and is excited that the new focus is now to expand wellness programs to the community by working with the hospital. The idea is to be able to support primary care physicians by being able to offer programs they can recommend to their patients to help them meet their wellness goals.

The Board offered their full support of this vision.

Approval of Proposed Amendments to the Medical Staff Bylaws:

Dr. John Payne, Chief of Staff, presented proposed amendments to the Medical Staff Bylaws for the Board’s approval. Many of the changes were mandated by the government and are required to be done by March 2011. This will be a continuing process over the next few months as this is a restructuring in addition to updating the bylaws. The Board did approve the initial changes as presented.

Open Position on Board of Trustees:

Mr. Tennican announced that the Board is still accepting Letters of Interest from those who would like to serve on the Board of Trustees to fill the open seat vacated by Dr. Emmy Knobloch. They will continue to accept applications through February 4th. At that time the Board will review the applications and begin scheduling interviews. The Board hopes to be able to select a new member by the next monthly meeting on February 24th.

Approval of the 2011 Performance Improvement Program:

Lynn Campbell presented the new 2011 Performance Improvement Plan for the Board’s approval. Ms. Campbell explained that the PIP gives staff a process to continually look at how we can improve safety and patient care by department. They can review their processes and measure their standards to make sure they have the best outcomes. The Board voted to approve the new plan.

New Hospital Liaison:

Pam Maples introduced Paul Vogelheim as our new Hospital Liaison with the County. Mr. Vogelheim is excited at the opportunity of working with the hospital and is looking forward to being able to share information that is important from the County level that applies to the hospital.

Expansion Project:

There will be a joint meeting of the Finance and Facilities-Construction Committees on Tuesday, February 8th at 5:00pm in the Boardroom where initial plan designs will be discussed. This meeting will be open to the public and their comments will be taken. Potential plan designs and initial costs will be available for review prior to this meeting.

We will also start setting up times for the involved departments (staff and physicians) to meet with the architects to give their input on design and work flow. These meetings will begin February 8th so look for notices from your department manager on specific dates and times.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys:

NRC Picker will be our new provider for our patient care surveys. They have more flexibility and options for providing surveys to patients and better reports at a lower cost. This will be implemented after our notice period to the current vendor.

Telemedicine Robot Demonstration:

A demonstration was given of a telemedicine robot. This allows face to face consults with outside physicians as deemed appropriate by our physicians. There are several applications for this and with the generosity of some donors with an interest in this area; we would be able to acquire this technology.

Judy Basye, RN:

Lynn also announced that Judy Basye will be stepping down as Director of Oncology Services but will continue in her role as Patient Navigator. The Board and Pam thanked Judy for her hard work as Director.

Legislative Policy:

Gary Trauner announced that there is a bill pending in the House (HF #35) that would make it a crime for a government official to enforce or try to enact the health care reform act that currently is the law. Members of the Board as well as officers of SJMC would be at risk of being prosecuted for a misdemeanor for following the federal law. The Board approved a motion to contact our legislators and ask them to oppose this bill.

Meaningful Use:

The main objective of Meaningful Use is to increase quality and produce better patient outcomes through “meaningful use” of information technology, including electronic medical reports. The success of this initiative will require complete and total support from all levels of the administration and the Board.


Since the new site was launched 10 months ago, visitation has increased by more than 30%. Areas of priority are allergy, birth center, family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation and plastic surgery to name a few. The most visited site is the medical specialty directory.

Refuge Grill – Price Increase:

The Refuge Grill is in the process of redesigning its menus and is announcing a modest price increase for the first time in over 12 years. This is mainly due to the over 30% increase in food costs. They also have made many improvements such as offering higher quality food, more variety, and healthier breads.

Community Outreach:

St. John’s is transitioning to become a tobacco free campus on January 1, 2012. This committee is working to draft the initial policy to be presented to the Medical Executive Committee at their February meeting for their approval. They are also working on the program to begin educating staff on how to be tobacco free.

Julia Heemstra was hired as our Wellness Coordinator. She will be responsible for health fair support, liaison with Teton County Systems of Care; worksite wellness; CHI Center and Community education.

The initial report is in from the Employee Health Risk Assessments. The data is going to be discussed on Monday with a consultant from the Wyoming Department of Health to help digest the information and begin the process of putting together programs that will benefit our employees according to their medical needs. The three most prevalent problems were stress, weight management, and using drug medication for relaxation.

SJMC Foundation:

Addie Donnan thanked Mike Tennican and Dr. Bruce Hayse for accepting the positions as Board liaisons to the Foundation. Liz Finegan thanked the facilities committee for including foundation members in the initial planning meetings with the architects. This is a very important project and the Foundation looks forward to being a part of its success.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Thursday, February 24, 2011 with public session starting at 4:00 pm so please mark your calendars.

Thank you –

Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
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