Board Meeting Highlights & Minutes, March 25, 2010

Complete minutes may be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Dan Perdue, President of the Wyoming Hospital Association, gave an educational update on legislative issued going on currently including the Wyoming Freedom Act, the Healthcare Reform Act, Special District Records Act, Whistle Blowers Bill, Title 25 revisions, the Wyoming Investment in Nursing Act, and the Frontier Act.

Lynne LaRose, Tina Romaine, Kristeen Dreesen, and Lucia McConnell gave a heartfelt thank you to the members of the Board for all the hard work on the SPET initiative as it is so crucial to their departments. Later in the meeting she also recognized Pam and Karen for their hard work on this project also. They also gave Kaye Music a nice warm welcome back to work as Kaye has been out on medical leave.

Dr. Knobloch called for the Board to consider asking Mr. Mike Tennican to act as Co-Chair with Dr. Knobloch for the Board of Trustees. After a brief discussion, the motion was approved to change the Hospital Bylaws to allow the Board to appoint a Co-Chair and Mr. Tennican agreed to take the position.
Dr. Hayse announced “Congratulations” to Ms. Smokey Rhea for receiving the Ruby Award from the Soroptimist Society for all her hard work helping to improve the lives of women and girls throughout the community.

Pam announced that this morning the hospital received a check from the Pink Ribbon Riders for $5,000 to be used to assist cancer patients with their needs as they are going through treatment. Liz Finegan said the Foundation is considering hanging plaques in honor of organizations like this that do so much for the hospital and the community.

Pam also stated that the beds and mattresses in the hospital are in need of replacement and requested funds from the Foundation for this project.
Next Mr. Tennican gave an update from the Finance Committee Meeting. He stated that it is time to begin the budget process for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. He also said a tremendous “thank you” to Mr. Jacques Dubois who has been assisting the financial/administrative teams in reviewing all the hospital insurance policies and has made several recommendations on issues that will improve these benefits. One of the recommendations is that we upgrade our policy regarding earthquake coverage and a motion was made and passed to purchase a new plan. The last finance item was a call to approve the purchase of the McKesson program software needed to upgrade our Electronic Medical Records system and to comply with the requirements of the ARRA Stimulus Program.

Ms. Herz made a statement regarding the Community Healthcare Initiative by the Foundation. This will be a great benefit to the hospital and community but it has not yet been decided how to proceed with putting this plan into place. The members of the Hospital Board are committed to working with members of the Foundation Board on deciding what the best plan of action will be for making this initiative possible.

The next monthly Board meeting will be Thursday, April 29, 2010 with public session at 4:00pm.

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