Board Meeting Highlights & Minutes, May 27, 2010

Complete minutes may be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

The first order of business was to accept Dr. Emmy Knobloch’s resignation from the board and to announce that she will stay on for another 6 weeks to assist with the transitions. Everyone stated their appreciation for Dr. Knobloch’s continuous hard work and dedication to the hospital, the staff, the medical staff, and her fellow board members.

Next Barbara Herz in her role as Vice President called for nominations for a new Board President. Michael Tennican was nominated and unanimously appointed as President.

Joe Albright was nominated and unanimously appointed to continue in his role as Secretary and to take on the additional responsibilities of Treasurer as Mr. Tennican moves to President.

Pam Maples announced to the Board the Employees of the Year:
Nursing – Judy Basye, Oncology
Ancillary – Vickie Memmer, Lab
Non-Clinical/Administrative – Laura Empey, HR
Support Services – Janine Martinelli, Dietary

Mr. Ron Purcell, Regional Executive of the American Hospital Association gave an educational presentation on “Health Reform: What it means for Hospitals.” He reviewed the key elements of the new Healthcare Reform Law and what it means to hospitals like ours. He also reviewed the timeline of what benefits will take effect by September 2010 through 2014. If you would like more information please go to

Mr. David Witton then introduced Mr. Jim Hall and Mr. Mike Robinson of McKesson to discuss contract issues regarding the purchase of 3 new modules for Paragon. The Board approved pending administration and legal review of a contract that will be submitted with changes as discussed.

We are in the process of looking for a new CNO and a COO. These positions are offered on the website so please review and pass along to anyone who would be qualified.

Mike Tennican announced that a Political Action Committee has been formed and are meeting to discuss strategy regarding the education of the public for our SPET projects. The PAC Committee consists of volunteers Addie Donnan and Kitty Resor as Co-Chairs, Bruce Hawtin as Treasurer, John Resor, Liz Brimmer, and Dr. Mike Menolascino.

The CEO Report is attached for your information. In addition to these items, Pam hosted the first of several focus group luncheons where we invite patients to come and discuss their hospital experience. The first group was small but the discussion was very productive and will lead to some great initial changes including adding items to our menu, improving the lighting in the OB rooms and addressing some initial billing issues.

The CFO Report – John Kren reviewed the monthly financial report for the time period ending April 30, 2010. On a year to date basis, the Medical Center has reduced a respectable $3,454,787 in Revenue in excess of Expenses equating to a total margin of 4.35%. Overall, including operations and activity outside of operations, the Medical Center has come in $764,771 above the projected amount of $2,690,015.

The CNO Report – Kaye Music announced that Michael Kusiek will be speaking next week on June 3rd and 4th and invited all staff and volunteers to attend. Mr. Kusiek has a special interest in working with hospital leadership, staff, and physicians in achieving high quality working relationships which generates greater outcomes for patients. There are multiple sessions and you can sign up on the internal website Education section. Kaye wanted to thank the Foundation for their generous support in bringing Mr. Kusiek here to speak.

Community Relations – Karen Connelly announced that the Annual Report has been available on the website for a couple of months but now we have the printed version which will go out to community members in the next couple of weeks.

The Foundation Report – Liz Finegan wanted to remind everyone that Spring Fling is this Saturday at Jackson Lake Lodge and they have a record attendance this year with 350 tickets sold. She said Thank You to our wonderful, extremely enthusiastic Auxiliary for all their hard work on this event and for what they have already accomplished this year. They are already working on the golf tournament which will take place in September at Shooting Star Golf Resort, so look for more information on that event soon. Other events coming up will be Shirley’s Heart Fund, Stroke is no Joke, Run and Ride which benefits our cancer patients, Addie Donnan’s Trunk Show which is one of everyone’s favorite events, and Eddie Kolsky’s tennis tournament to benefit diabetes. The Foundation, working with El Puente and the Community Foundation, is providing prenatal pediatric classes for 12 new moms that otherwise would have been in a crisis situation without this education and assistance. The Community Foundation contributed $15,000 for this program and is committed to donating funds as needed every quarter to continue providing these services. Liz gave a special Thank You from the Foundation Board to the Knobloch Family Foundation for their generous donation and all of their support.

Pam announced that a donor with a special interest in hearing loss is working with the school district, Dr. Marty Trott, and the Foundation to create a center for pediatric hearing loss. This donor brought Jane R. Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, Cert.AVT, Director of Hearing and Learning Center in New York, here to work with our audiologist Eliza Petersen and Dr. Martin Trott in providing services to some of our local families. Karen Connelly explained that a clinic was held at Wilson School this week to work with children who have hearing problems. These children would have had to travel out of the area or may not have been able to receive the care they need if it wasn’t for this clinic. In one day, Dr. Madell identified 15 children with hearing problems that already have hearing devices but hadn’t had the fine tuning they needed to get the full benefits they should have from their equipment. Pam, Karen, Dr. Trott, Eliza, Liz along with Dr. Madell met with school officials and teachers from the Wilson School and Jackson Elementary to assure children have the equipment they need in the educational setting so that they may become superstars in the classroom.

These are just the highlights – minutes from the Board meetings are available on the public website as well as a monthly financial report for your information.

The next monthly Board meeting will be Thursday, June 24, 2010 with public session at 4:00pm.

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