Board Meeting Highlights & Minutes, September 23, 2010

Minutes are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Special Announcements:

Linda Scott from the Auxiliary reported on the great success of this year's Golf Tournament. Donna Clark was the Chair of the Golf Committee and did a great job. Linda thanked all those that gave their generous support to this event including the Resors, Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis who donated their golf carts at no cost and Evans Construction who transported the carts at no cost. The number of players increased this year to 92. The end result with the raffle was that they made approximately $41,000 which will go towards their $150,000 pledge towards the medication pumps.

Next Pam announced that for the 8th year in a row our Emergency Department again achieved over 95% in patient satisfaction! So a big congratulations to them for this incredible achievement.

Pam next announced that on July 28th the SJMC Volunteers were honored with an appreciation luncheon at Spring Creek. Bill Hill was the Avis Ranck Memorial Lay Chaplain of the Year. Bette Caesar, Franz Camenzind, Donna Clark, Missy Crosby, JoAnn Grant, Sue Hall, Jane Kusek, Lea Roney and Anne Wray were receipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Maralyn Larson received the President’s Call to Service Award for giving over 4,000 cumulative volunteer hours. Volunteers recognized for their years of services were Mariana Auge, Marlene Lang, Carol and Craig Schwendler, Elizabeth Drapela, Maryann Abrahams, Bette Caesar, Maralyn Larson, and Barbara VanGenderen. Thank you for all that you do for our patients, families, and staff. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Educational Presentation:

Dr. Martha Stearn gave an educational presentation to the board on the Institute for Cognitive Health. Their big project currently is a collaborative program with University of Utah Health Care providing free memory and cognitive evaluations for United States Veterans residing in Teton Counties, Wyoming and Idaho. Dr. Stearn has given several presentations and will give a lite lunch presentation here in October. They also will be participating in Free Memory Screening Day on November 16. Much of what they do involves giving support to the caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s.

Change to our Vision, Mission, Values Statement:

Kaye Music requested the Board approve adding Safety to our Vision, Mission, Values statement. The Board approved to add “Safety: Make Safety our first priority for our patients, our staff and our community.”

Proposed Mandatory Influenza Immunization Policy:

Dr. Jim Little, Sr. gave a proposal mandating that all hospital employees and physicians get a seasonal flu vaccine. There was a discussion on the protection this will give to our patients and how the policy should be implemented. The Board then approved to adopt the policy for employees and medical staff to be vaccinated for flu or wear a mask effective immediately with the start of flu season. As flu season starts in November, everyone should get their vaccination by October 31st.

Report from the Chair:

Mike Tennican welcomed Lynn Campbell as CNO and Gary Trauner as COO. Next he announced that they have launched on the expansion project which is very exciting. There are Request for Qualifications out to hospital design architectural firms and local architectural firms to work with them. The Board has been asked to nominate 2 Board members for a Facilities Committee that will be formed to see the expansion project through to completion.

Financial Report:

John Kren, Joe Albright and Mike Tennican all participated in presenting information from the Finance Committee meeting on 9/14. The committee is looking at different options on how to finance our portion of the expansion project. Administration recommended to keep our cash investments as they are currently being held for now and to look at this again after we complete our financing for the project. At the same time we will be looking at our entire financing structure. There was a review of our monthly financial statement from August and we are still on track with meeting our budget. These reports will be available on our public website. It was also recommended to review and revise as needed our existing investment policy.

CEO Report:

Pam announced there are about 10 specialty architects that were asked to send in Requests for Qualifications which are due by September 30th and local architects need to send their Requests in by October 31st. Administration is also looking at a few different firms to serve as financial advisors for this project. Finally, we will be doing an RFP for the investment bankers that we will work with to issue bonds, if that is the debt instrument of choice.

Communications Report:

Karen gave an update on the progress of the annual report. Tomorrow is the Pediatric Audiology Project, managing Hearing Loss in Children Conference at Teton Village. Kevin Huelsmann wrote a wonderful story on the conference and did a great job of showing how a grandmother’s passion to help her grandchild has made great care possible for so many. There are 45 participants in the conference from 5 different states and thank you to the Foundation who are running the conference.

Foundation Report:

Liz stated that the Foundation has had a really great summer. The support from the community is very obvious. The Golf Tournament was very successful as was Old Bill’s Fun Run. The Pediatric Audiology Conference is also looking to be a great success and we are excited to have such a large amount of regional attention.

Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on our public website. The next Board of Trustees meeting will be Thursday, October 28, 2010.

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