St. John's Joint Replacement Center

Joint Replacement at St. John's Medical Center is an quality initiative lead by medical director and orthopaedist Angus "Gus" Goetz, DO. The initial program was launched in early 2011 after much research and planning including visits to top orthopedic programs across the U.S. "We started the joint replacement program to offer a better patient experience than other hospitals relative to quality, compassionate care and superior outcomes," Dr. Goetz explains. "It's important to us that patients from the community feel confident about their choice to have surgery locally, with all the benefits of being close to home.” The entire experience has been enhanced from patient education prior to surgery through the surgery stay and the patient's integration back into home, work and community life. While the program was designed using standards set by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, it continues to evolve today as all of the surgeons who perform joint replacement procedures at St. John’s work together to review and implement best practice models.

A Team Approach

The team approach is a key feature of our program. Surgeons, nurses and professionals from Surgical Services and other hospital departments are on the joint replacement team. Through a robust patient education component, patients have the opportunity to meet the staff who will care for them through the entire joint replacement process: surgeon, education, nursing, rehabilitation and social services. Arrangements for nursing and rehabilitation post-surgery are provided. All orthopedic surgeries performed at the hospital follow the same quality and safety initiatives and protocols approved by the joint replacement team.

Other Major Features

Other major features of the Center of Excellence program include:
• The use of clinical pathways re-designed to ensure consistency in quality and risk reduction for all patients
• An emphasis on blood clot and infection protection
• Checklists in the pre-operative, surgical and post-surgical arenas
• Advanced analgesic methods
• Better patient comfort with designated patient rooms, specific new beds and other enhancements

Patient Education and Empowerment

While many of the program's benefits happen behind the scenes, patient education and empowerment can make the greatest difference. For the best surgical experience, patients are encouraged to attend one the two-hour workshops offered by St. John’s Medical Center’s Joint Replacement Program.

For more information call the Orthopedic Program manager at 307 739 6199