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Ron Fabry | I Can Conduct Again

As a professional music director, Ron Fabry has had to overcome an unlikely hurdle: hearing loss. “I would have no career without my hearing,” Ron said.

Although he has used a single hearing aid since he was in college, he knew he wasn’t hearing as well as he could. “I’m addicted to sounds, but I was missing things,” he said. St. John’s Audiology outfitted him with two state-of-the-art hearing aids, which provide optimal hearing in environments ranging from concert halls to noisy restaurants.

“Now there’s a whole world of sound that’s available, thanks to audiologist Dr. Rosanne Prince.”

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Chloe Titus | I Can Dream Again

Chloe Titus has always been active: hiking, running half marathons, playing with her niece and nephews, and planning for her future. But Chloe tested positive for BRCA 2 gene mutation, which she says put her at very high risk (87%) of getting breast cancer.

She opted to go to Jackson for a double mastectomy with Dr. Randy Kjorstad and reconstruction with Dr. John Payne.

Chloe says her chance of getting breast cancer is now 2-4%, and she is back to dreaming about her future. She even got married.
“I am just happy to be here — without the thought of cancer invading my life,” Chloe said.

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Mary Allen | I Can Ranch Again

Mary Allen has been a rancher and outfitter in the Wind River Mountains since the late 1970s. But shoulder pain impeded her livelihood. “I couldn’t even raise my arm, so trying to bridle a horse was nearly impossible,” she said.

Mary learned that she could have shoulder replacement surgery in Jackson. “I was very impressed when I met Dr. Rafael Williams. I knew that I was in the right place.”

After some dedicated physical therapy, Mary is back in the Winds, guiding guests, saddling horses, and holding a rifle, all activities she couldn’t do for years. “I don’t like feeling helpless. And now that I can do things again, it’s just amazing.”

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Savannah Korpi | I Can Flip Again

Savannah Korpi, age 9, loves gymnastics and practices with her team several days a week. She also enjoys skiing with her family. Then she fell and broke her leg near her growth plate, and both activities came to an abrupt end.

“I was nervous having a little one going under anesthesia for the first time, but they made us feel very comfortable,” said Tina, Savannah’s mom.

Savannah’s surgery with Dr. David Khoury got her back on her feet. “Our experience couldn’t have been better. I was impressed beyond belief with the care and attention to detail and the particular needs of a child and a worried mom.”

After physical therapy, Savannah is back to tumbling and flipping. “When I did my first back handspring, I was really excited — just really happy that I could actually start doing all the flips that I like to do,” said Savannah.

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Sylvia Pack | I Can Paint Again

"What I enjoy most is seeing color and clarity again. That's what I noticed most after the surgery"

Sylvia Pack is an artist; she paints miniatures of the Tetons. Then, her vision deteriorated. “It was like looking out a dirty window,” she says.

Immediately after cataract surgery with St. John’s eye surgeon Dr. Jamie Monroe, the improvement was obvious. Her restriction to drive with glasses was removed. Best of all, she can see what she’s painting again. “What I enjoy most is seeing the colors of the outdoors.”

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John Harkness | I Can Build Again

John Harkness is a dedicated and skilled carpenter who has always had an active outdoor lifestyle. However, a deteriorating right knee was keeping him from standing at a workbench, climbing ladders, and getting out on the ski slopes.

After knee replacement surgery in the spring, John is using his renewed strength and mobility to get back to pursuing his passions in life. An active volunteer, John is helping rebuild the Habitat for Humanity Restore that was destroyed in a fire.

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Jane Baldwin | I Can Trek Again

Wilson resident Jane Baldwin is a hiker. But a few years ago her hip made walking, not to mention hiking, painful. After considering her options, she came to our Peak Joint Replacement Center.

Immediately after her hip replacement surgery, her hip felt better. Less than 3 months later, she put her new hip to the test on a trek across Nepal. How did she do? “My hiking partners had doubts about my ability to hike, but I knew I could do it. On day 2, we did 11 kilometers and 3500 steps.” That’s about the height of the Grand Teton.

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