St. John’s Medical Center Joins Nationwide Effort To Promote Patient Safety Awareness (March 3, 2012)

In an effort to raise awareness and encourage the engagement of patients, families, health care providers, and the public, St. John’s Medical Center announced its participation in the 2012 Patient Safety Awareness Week campaign, Be Aware for Safe Care. Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 4-10, 2012, is an annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety. Each year, health care organizations around the world take part in the event by prominently displaying the campaign logo and promotional materials within their organizations, creating awareness in the community and deploying National Patient Safety Foundation educational resources to hospital staff.

This year’s theme: “Be Aware for Safe Care” focuses on the need for everyone to understand the importance of patient safety and to recognize the range of efforts being made to improve health safety in the US and worldwide.

St. John’s will engage staff, patients and families through educational and awareness-building activities specific to patient safety. The campaign seeks to make patients, providers, and the public aware of the ways they can participate in these efforts and partner to improve patient safety. While efforts of the past decade have brought improvements, recent studies indicate that much work remains to be done—and can be done most effectively through the involvement of all parties.

“Be Aware for Safe Care” emphasizes the fact that safety issues impact everyone. “The more we work together to promote patient safety, the more we all benefit from a safe healthcare system,” said Diane C. Pinakiewicz, MBA, president, National Patient Safety Foundation. NPSF encourages creative collaboration among provider groups, patient advocates, and other community organizations to help patients and consumers understand how they can participate to be part of the solution. “Make Safety our first priority for our patients, our staff and our community is the first pledge in our Vision Mission Values Statement” said Lynn Kirman, Chief Nursing Officer at St. John’s. Candace Geatz, Patient Safety Officer stated that

“Patient safety is the number one priority in every aspect of what we do when caring for patients and residents throughout the St. John’s Medical Center continuum of care in all services areas.”

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About the National Patient Safety Foundation

The National Patient Safety Foundation has been pursuing one mission since its founding in 1997 – to improve the safety of care provided to patients. As a central voice for patient safety, NPSF is committed to a collaborative, inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach in all that it does. NPSF is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.