St. John's Adds Physician to Electrophysiology and Pace Maker Clinics (April 24, 2012)

Jeffrey Osborne, MD, will begin providing cardiology services at St. John’s Medical Center beginning April 30. Dr. Osborne is an Electrophysiologist with the University of Utah Heart Clinic in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Osborne is available to see both electrophysiology and general cardiology patients. His primary clinical interest is the electrical functioning of the heart.

St. John’s conducts an electrophysiology and pacemaker clinic monthly. Dr. Osborne will conduct these clinics along with Peter Weiss, MD. Dr. Weiss is also from the University of Utah Heart Clinic and has been seeing patients at St. John’s since August 2005. “This will increase the number of cardiology clinics available so we can provide better care for our patients” said Jim Berrett, Director St. John’s Cardiopulmonary Department. “We look forward to Dr. Osborne joining our team” he said.

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