St. John's Medical Center Embarks Upon Worksite Wellness with Teton County School District

St. John's Medical Center is pleased to announce a new wellness partnership with the Teton County School District (TCSD). Beginning in January 2013, TCSD employees will participate in "Wellness Works," a St. John's program shown to improve employee health and enhance workplace productivity. "This new relationship with the school district represents an exciting opportunity," explained St. John's Medical Center CEO Lou Hochheiser, MD. "In our experience, there are many positive benefits to embracing a formal worksite wellness program, including happier, healthier employees and a respectable return on investment."

The TCSD program will commence with wellness blood screenings provided at no charge to school district employees. A confidential online health risk assessment will also be conducted. With aggregate results in hand, the St. John's Wellness team will develop programming to address the primary risk factors for the TCSD population, whether that be high blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) or another identified health issue. Participation is voluntary, but as is standard with worksite wellness programs, District employees will be provided monetary incentives for taking part.

"We're excited about the prospect of duplicating some of the success the hospital has seen with its own workforce program," said Superintendent Pam Shea. Currently concluding year two of the hospital's program, St. John's has achieved high participation rates, lower rates of stress reported by staff and a significant reduction in key health risks. By applying the monetary values of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HER), St. John's calculates it saved close to $25,000 last year by reducing employee stress alone.

Businesses interested in learning more about St. John's Wellness Works can contact Julia Heemstra, Wellness Coordinator, at 739-7244.