St. John's Medical Center hosts Lunchtime Learning Presentation on Genetics

January 10, 2012

On Thursday, January 19th, the Community Health Information (CHI) Center at St. John’s Medical Center will host the Lunchtime Learning presentation “Genetics: How it may change Health Care, Introducing Personalized Medicine” with Louis Hochheiser, MD.

The discussion will cover how genetics will allow for tailored personalized treatment and prevention that could significantly change how medicine is practiced in the coming years. The development of genetics may help you consider your response to medications, choose a wellness path for your personal genetic makeup and assess your potential to stay healthy or develop a specific illness.

Dr. Hochheiser’s background includes 17 years as Chairperson of Family Medicine, first at Brown University and then the University of Vermont, where he holds the position of professor emeritus. He currently holds the position of Chief Medical leader at Humana, Inc. where he provides oversight for the technology assessment process, policy implementation, molecular diagnostic strategy and the medical directors who conduct reviews and provide medical leadership within Humana’s markets. He also serves as a volunteer senior advisor to the Board of Trustees at St. John’s medical Center.

The presentation will be held from noon - 1 pm in the Moose/Wapiti Classroom at St. John’s Medical Center. Call the CHI Center at 739-7244 for more information.