Home Care & Hospice

St. John’s Home-Based Services includes Home Care and Hospice services. Some of the many illnesses and conditions we care for at home are heart disease, respiratory illnesses, cancer, orthopaedic injuries and surgeries.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial health insurance. St. John’s multidisciplinary team of Home-Based Services professionals provides care to our clients with a focus on total family health. We can assess and treat you at home under the direction of your physician.

To contact Home-Based Services, please call 307 739 7465

Hospice Volunteers provide these services to Hospice families:

  • Companionship. Our volunteers spend time with patients sharing interests, reading, listening to music, and simply being present.
  • Giving the primary caregiver a break. This can provide needed respite for family members and caregivers.
  • Emotional support. Volunteers provide a calming and reassuring presence during challenging times.

If you're interested in volunteering for Hospice, please click here to fill out an online application.