St. John's Laboratory performs all routine analyses of blood and body fluids, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring, culturing and antibiotic sensitivity and virus identification. Blood is made available through a cooperative agreement with United Blood Services, a non-profit community blood bank serving the states of Wyoming and Montana. We encourage everyone to recruit donors for the quarterly Community Blood Drives so that a stock is always available from our area for our patients. Donations of blood do not reduce charges, as charges are for blood processing only -- there is no charge for the blood itself.

Tissues removed from patients in the hospital are sent to a local Anatomic Pathology laboratory which prepares them for examination. These tissues are then examined by a pathologist to confirm or establish diagnoses.

You will be billed separately by the pathologist for lab services.

Regular Outpatient hours are daily from 07:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday.

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