What to Bring to the Hospital

For You
• Identification (driver’s license or other ID), insurance card, and any other hospital paperwork
• Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses
• Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, makeup, hair brush, soap, lotion, etc.
• Hair Clip or Band if you have long hair
• Nursing Bra
• Breast Pads
• Nightgown or robe
• Socks or Slippers
• Favorite Pillows
• A small lamp to use during late night feedings post-partum
• Magazines or other reading material
• Lollipops or other hard candies to eat during labor
• Large Envelope or File Folder for loose paperwork
• Back Massager & Massage Oil or Lotion
• Focal Point Picture
• Music & Speakers or Headphones
• Comfortable, loose fitting clothes to wear home: Choose an outfit that fit when you were about 6 months pregnant

For Your Partner
• Change of clothes
• Pajamas
• Toiletries
• Snacks
• Camera and/or video recorder
• Bathing Suit: if you hope to get in the shower or hydrotherapy tub with your partner

For Your Baby
• Infant Care Set, correctly installed
• Outfit for going home and pictures
• Hat and Extra Blanket for Cold Weather

St. John's Provides
• Sanitary Pads
• Disposable Underwear
• Nursing Gowns
• Diapers

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