Lunchtime Learning: Healthy Backs


On Wednesday, February 26, St. John’s Medical Center Words on Wellness will host the lunchtime learning presentation, “Healthy Backs” at the Teton County Library from noon to 1 pm.

This presentation will offer information on spine anatomy and biomechanics, back pain prevention and management, and the impact of winter sports and other activities on back pain.

Presenter Nola Peacock is a physical therapist and wellness specialist at St. John’s Medical Center. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science, and Master’s and Doctorate of Science degrees in Physical Therapy. Her research study, “Prevalence of low back pain in alpine ski instructors,” was published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy.

For more information, please call 739-7466. Wednesday's presentation is part of the St. John's Medical Center Words on Wellness program.

Media Contact: Karen Connelly at or 739 7380