Telehealth at St. John's

Video conference with specialists in Jackson, WY

Telehealth is the modern way for physicians and patients to communicate through video conferencing consultations. Telehealth is a particularly valuable resource for those living in rural areas. This is particularly true in Wyoming. Telehealth allows access to our specialty care providers without having to physically travel long distances for a visit. Patients will visit their local doctor’s office to conduct the call with a St. John’s provider. However, an initial visit with your provider in Jackson, WY might be required to begin Telehealth conferencing.

  • Benefits of telehealth include:
  • Reduce cost and travel time for patients and providers
  • Increase access to specialty care
  • Enhance coordination and quality of care
  • Provide convenient access to timely treatment

Specialties Available through Telehealth:

Ask your primary care provider about the possibility of beginning telehealth visits with a specialist.

St. John’s is proud to offer telehealth to our outlying communities in Wyoming. Telehealth is best offered in an integrated, connected healthcare system with St. John’s Medical Center, so medical records are readily on hand for providers. With medical records available, providers are aware of existing conditions, current prescriptions, and other important factors. In-person visits may be necessary prior and following telehealth conferences.